Lizzie Bravo, the only Brazilian to record with the Beatles, dies at age 70

Lizzie Bravo launched the book ‘From Rio to Abbey Road’, with several photos of the Beatles (photo: Reproduction/Facebook)

Singer and photographer Lizzie Bravo died this Monday (4/10), in Rio de Janeiro. She was well known for being the only Brazilian to participate in a recording with the Beatles. Bravo died in the weeks following his 70th birthday, completed on May 29th.

According to reports, in recent times, she had been experiencing physical difficulties due to a congenital heart problem she was facing. He spent four days at CTI two weeks ago. He got better, but a week ago he returned to the hospital and ended up dying.

Lucy Rigo / Disclosure
Lizzie Bravo next to John Lennon, at the studios, in London (photo: Lucy Rigo / Publicity)

Lizzie’s story with the Beatles began in 1967, when she was given a 15-year-old trip to London, where she was a friend. On the same day of her arrival, she met with the Beatles, and started hanging out outside EMI’s Abbey Road studios every day, seeing them very often. A little less than a year later, on a certain day, she was at the studio door, as usual, when Paul McCartney came out one night in February 1968, came out and asked if any of those girls there could sustain a high note. .

Lizzie said she could and even took an English friend with her. They spent two hours in the studio with the four Beatles, produced by George Martin, and sang vocals for the song ‘Across the Universe’, sharing the microphone with John and Paul, alternately.

Bravo still actively participated in a large part of the history of Brazilian music. She was married to Zé Rodrix, and was the inspiration, as ‘the hope of glasses’, of the composer, Sá and Guarabyra’s partner, to write the song ‘Casa no Campo’.

In that period of great MPB compositions, Lizzie acted as a photographer and recorded important moments. In 2020, she released the book ‘From Rio to Abbey Road’, with several photos of the Beatles.

Renata Franco/Disclosure
Bravo has been to BH a few times, and participated in BH Beatle Week, along with bands like Sgt. Pepper from Minas Gerais (photo: Renata Franco/Divulgação)

She was many times in Belo Horizonte, always participating in the BH Beatle Week, a traditional annual event, which brings together, in the capital of Minas Gerais, several fans and worshipers of the English from Liverpool. The band from Minas Gerais, Sgt. Pepper, one of the main representatives of beatlemania in Belo Horizonte, spoke through social networks.

“It is with deep regret that we receive the news of the death of Lizzie Bravo, the Brazilian who sang with the Beatles! Lizzie achieved the magical feat of singing in the recording of the song ‘Across The Universe’ in 1968, at the invitation of Paul McCartney. Big fan of the four boys from Liverpool, she had fantastic stories about the period she lived in London, following their daily lives at the Abbey Road studios. Excellent singer, Lizzie worked with several great MPB artists. She was married to musician Zé Rodrix, who honored her with the expression ‘hope with glasses’, in the song ‘Casa No Campo’ Lizzie was an extremely dear person, with a very human worldview and immense generosity! of the moments when we met this great star of the Beatle Universe!”

The band promises a tribute to Lizzie Bravo next Saturday (9/10), when she performs at Tratoria (Rua Professor Moraes, 158, Savassi, in Belo Horizonte), at 9 pm. The ticket costs R$20 and more information can be obtained by calling (31) 99896-4357.

Drummer Jô Andrade, from the band Hocus Pocus, another Beatles cover, with a lot of history in Belo Horizonte, also paid his tribute. “We say that special people when they go to the spirit plane become a star. Last night a star of infinite grandeur was born. Thank you Lizzie Bravo for your friendship. Be in the light and at peace.”

Aggeu Marques, a musician from Minas Gerais who is also dedicated to playing Beatles songs, participating in several British cover bands in Belo Horizonte, was very sorry. “Lizzie was a very present figure. She came to every BH Beatle Week, only in the last one she didn’t. We became close friends, we went together to the Paul McCartney concert in Rio. She was always with us here, with mine woman, my daughter. She was a sensational person, regardless of the projection she had with the Beatles.”, he said.

Aggeu also recalled Bravo’s other works as a singer. “He worked with Egberto Gismonti, with Milton Nascimento. He was a very kind person. He never withheld any information about her life. He made a sensational book. It’s really sad,” he lamented.

Next Saturday (9/10), Aggeu Marques will also perform, in Belo Horizonte, at the Cine Theatro Brasil Vallourec, when he will pay homage to the photographer. “She was in love with John Lennon, he was her Beatle. And I’m going to start the show dedicating her,” he said. “Lizzie was the queen, the most important person in Brazilian beatlemania.”

Personal file/Disclosure
Musician from Minas Gerais Aggeu Marques will dedicate his show, next Saturday, to Lizzie Bravo (photo: Personal archive/Disclosure)

The show was called ‘John Lennon – 81 years old’, with Aggeu Marques and band and the Fractal String Quartet. It will be a double celebration: the former Beatle’s birthday and the Cine which, on October 8, celebrates eight years of reopening and functioning in Belo Horizonte.

The presentation will be in a hybrid format, and face-to-face tickets (reduced audience) are available at R$60 (full) and R$30 (half). To watch the broadcast, the cost is R$10 (full) and R$5 (half). Shopping on the website or at the theater box office.

Aggeu Marques will perform with his band – Vitor Campos on guitar, Max Santiago on bass, Carlos Eduardo on keyboards, Fábio Sartori on drums and Eduardo Santos on percussion. The Fractal String Quartet makes special appearances with violinists Samuel Gomide and Thiago Rocha, violist Rômulo Salobreña and cellist Rodrigo Garcia. The repertoire will consist of songs from John Lennon’s solo career, such as the classics “Imagine”, “Woman”, “Mother”, among others.


‘Show John Lennon – 81 years old’

Aggeu Marques and Fractal String Quartet

Saturday – October 9 – 9 pm

Tickets –

face-to-face: 60 reais (full) and 30 reais (half)

Live: 10 reais (full) and 5 reais (half)

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