2021 emergency aid: CAIXA confirms 9 more withdrawals from the 6th installment

the month of October continues with the release of withdrawals from the 6th installment of the program that aims to minimize the economic effects caused by the new coronavirus pandemic. It is confirmed that this October, CAIXA will release nothing less than 9 withdrawals from the 6th installment of the benefit.

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This Wednesday, October 6th, the release of cash withdrawals will be for those born in the month of April. The release will continue until October 19, when those born in December will be able to withdraw the benefit at the bank.

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2021 Emergency Aid: installment 6 – cash withdrawals

  • Born in January / 4 October
  • Born in February / October 5th
  • Born in March / October 5th
  • Born in April / October 6th
  • Born in May / October 8th
  • Born in June / October 11
  • Born in July/October 13th
  • Born in August / October 14th
  • Born September/October 15th
  • Born in October / October 18th
  • Born in November / October 19
  • Born in December / October 19

Payments were initially made through CAIXA’s social account. At first, the resource was available for payment of bills and purchases through the virtual card or QR code, by the Caixa Tem app.

Workers can clarify their doubts through the Caixa 111 telephone exchange, which operates from Monday to Sunday, from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm. In addition, there is information on the website of the Federal Savings Bank. It is also possible to consult the assistance page on the Caixa website or the assistance consultation page on the Ministry of Citizenship website.

Release of the 7th installment

While CAIXA releases the withdrawals of the 6th installment of the emergency aid, the bank will start depositing the 7th installment, the last one referring to an extension. According to the bank’s schedule, the 7th installment deposits already have a starting date: October 20th.

On October 21st, the release will take place for those born in February.

The 7th installment cashout calendar will start on November 1st of this year. The release of cash will continue until November 19th.

See the 7th installment calendar:

Birth monthdepositswithdrawals
JanuaryOctober 20thNovember 1st
FebruaryOctober 21stNovember 3rd
MarchOctober, 22November 4th
AprilOctober, 23November 5th
MayOctober, 239 of November
JuneOctober 26thNovember 10th
JulyOctober 27thNovember 11th
AugustOctober 28thNovember 12th
SeptemberOctober 29thNovember 16th
OctoberOctober 30November 17th
NovemberOctober 30November 18th
DecemberOctober 31stNovember 19th

Who can receive 2021 emergency aid

Before requesting the contestation process, the citizen must first check that it meets all the necessary criteria. According to the current format of the assistance program, then, it is necessary:

  • Have a total family income of up to three minimum wages (R$ 3,300);
  • It will only be allowed the payment of one quota per family group;
  • Be over 18 years old;
  • Do not have any formal employment relationship;
  • Not having taxable income above BRL 28,559.70 or exempt income above BRL 40,000 and not owning assets worth more than BRL 300,000 at the end of 2019;
  • Medical residents, multiprofessionals, scholarship recipients, interns and the like are excluded;
  • Also excluded are people who received any type of social security, assistance or labor benefit or government income transfer in 2020, with the exception of Bolsa Família and salary bonuses.

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