5 Ways Conservative Supreme Court Can Change USA

  • Anthony Zurcher
  • BBC reporter for North America

Protests against abortion

Credit, Getty Images

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Pro-abortion protesters faced opponents in protests in front of the US Supreme Court this weekend

Ever since Donald Trump appointed three Conservative judges to the United States Supreme Court during his four-year presidential term, for many it seemed a matter of time before the country’s highest legal body began to act, deciding on some of the most controversial current legal and political issues.

With the beginning, this Monday (10/04), of a new season of work at the Court, this moment may have arrived.

This next period of work by the judiciary will decide some cases — on issues such as abortion, firearms control, national security and religion — that may not only set precedents for US courts, but fundamentally change the American social fabric.

Various political activists across the political spectrum are on the lookout — leading some, particularly on the left, to make grave warnings about the enormous power of the judiciary and to suggest ways in which that power can be contained, either by changing its composition or by limiting your authority.