After drop in donations, Teleton 2021 mobilizes famous people to raise money · TV News

Teleton 2021 will have an extra challenge this year. The benefit marathon will be held on October 22 and 23 still affected by the pandemic — last year, the stage was almost empty. On SBT, some participations will be remote, but there will be an in-person audience to give a boost to those present in the studio. However, the biggest cause will be to reverse the drop in revenue. In 2020, Telethon had a significant drop in donations from individuals, that is, ordinary viewers at home stopped making their contribution.

“In 2015, we had 1.4 million people donating through the 0500, the website or mobile device. This number, in 2020, dropped to 150 thousand people. This difference of 89% or 1.050 million people who left donating represents a very significant volume of care for our patients,” said Edson Brito, Superintendent of Marketing and Institutional Relations at the AACD (Association for Assistance to Disabled Children), at the presentation of Teleton 2021 to the press, held this Tuesday (5th ).

Because of the numbers, the call this year will be to intensify donations from the common person who checks the event from home. With the theme of Inclusion, the marathon will start on October 22, a Friday, right after the PicPay Million Show. On Saturday (23), in the morning, the program will have newsletters. From 2:15 pm, presenters, artists and journalists return to the stage for the start of the campaign until dawn on Sunday.

“It will be a great party and a great joy, even if remotely. Brazilians know how to do with love. They know how to make a difference even from a distance. I’m sure that people and their families will feel embraced at this party”, considered Eliana , godmother of the cause.

Daniel, who also has the post of godfather, lamented the drop in the number of donations and highlighted that the work in 2021 will be to make people aware of the importance of donating at least R$ 5 – the lowest value from 0500 onwards. “Sometimes , I come across people who say: ‘I don’t think I will need to donate, because there are already companies that donate and end up getting the result they need.’ difference. Telethon is inclusion. We need to include you [telespectador]”he warned.

Celso Portiolli, digital godfather of the marathon, highlighted the same thing. For him, the general public may not understand the difference between individuals and companies. “Many people don’t know what it is. Individuals are you who donate R$ 5, you are at home and who help. Individuals are those who no longer collaborate with Telethon. Companies have been playing their part in recent years by donating a lot of money. What decreased was the participation of the public. It is important that you donate and help with R$ 5”, he stressed.

“I think that this year, due to the pandemic, some habits and technology will help Telethon. It will be very easy to donate through QR Code and Pix. It will be easy for you to help. There will be no excuse. QR Code is a piece of cake. , and Pix then… Anyone knows how to do it and you can donate whatever amount you want,” he appealed.

To attract the audience, Telethon this year brought together its team of celebrities. Of the well-known names, Pabllo Vittar stands out for performing for the first time at the benefit event. Besides her, Simone and Simaria, Lexa, Dilsinho, Tierry, Felipe Araújo, Joelma, Dennis DJ, André Valadão, Gabi Martins, Sonia Abrão, Ana Hickmann, Sabrina Sato, among others are confirmed.

The cast of SBT was also activated, such as Patricia Abravanel, Silvia Abravanel, Chris Flores, Ratinho, Danilo Gentili and the child stars of As Aventuras de Poliana Moça.

Maisa Silva, who will once again be at the forefront of the cause, is another confirmed presence on the stage of Telethon 2021. Faced with a moment of crisis with the collected numbers, the presenter explains that the campaign results in something greater for those who participate. “I think it is important to remember that Telethon, in addition to mobilizing donations, will always cause reflection. We are here to make people reflect and bring about some changes”, he analyzed.

“Many lives are impacted by the AACD. This year, we’re going to talk about inclusion. So, I think it’s important to start thinking about the little things in everyday life that can be big obstacles. Sometimes, a word you say ends up excluding someone. A non-lowered tab makes the daily life of a person with a disability impossible. I think inclusion is important,” he concluded.

The 24th edition of the Teleton will start on Friday (22), from 11:30 pm, on SBT.

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