Android 12 is codenamed for dessert by Google

Android 12 made the news this Monday (4) to finally have its final version of the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) released to developers. Inside the package, the operating system delivers numerous new features, including confirmation of the operating system’s dessert name: Snow Cone — the famous scratchcard.

The revelation comes via a tweet from Android’s vice president of engineering Dave Burke, in which he celebrated the launch of Android 12 with a high-resolution illustration (which can even serve as a wallpaper, if you prefer). “Here’s a cool wallpaper to celebrate the launch of Android Snow Cone!” he said in the post.

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However, the name is not such a big surprise, to be honest. Back in February, before launching the first preview version of Android for developers, Google suggested what would be the next treat. After that, the suspicion was confirmed even more, with updates and feature codenames caught about the codename “SC” (acronym for “Snow Cone”).

Are the desserts back?

Still, the confirmation of the nickname by the executive suggests a nice trend: the official dessert names could return to the Android culture. Since Android 10, released in 2019, Google’s system versions haven’t been tagged with a candy of their own, so the whole annual mystery of “what’s the next candy?” It has been lost.

Will next year’s system repeat the tradition? Only time will tell. If you liked to follow the sweets of the time, it’s good to hope that Google embraces (again) the habit.

Source: Dave Burke

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