Beach Park to announce new attraction during first major event since pandemic began

O Beach Park will present a new attraction of your aquatic complex from this wednesday, 6th, on stand that the group will have in Abav Expo & Collab, the first major event to be held in Fortaleza since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic.

O new water slide, which is scheduled for release in 2021, is being developed in partnership with DJ Alok. The CEO of Beach Park, Murilo Pascoal, highlighted that “music has always been part of our history and now it will be even more present in new moments of fun. The new project is designed to provide a unique experience to visitors”.

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The Beach Park stand at Abav Expo & Collab will be inspired by the new toy and will bring details of the water slide that brings new concepts for this type of equipment in Latin America.

Abav Expo, organized by Brazilian Association of Travel Agencies, takes place between October 6th and 8th, at CearĂ¡ Events Center, and marks the resumption of major events in the State.

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