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In A Fazenda 2021, Arcrebiano de Araújo, or Bil, said that he was excluded from the “evil group” of Big Brother Brasil 21, just as he would have happened to Gilberto Nogueira and Juliette Freire. This Tuesday (5), the model vented about the case in rural confinement. However, the positioning revolted the participants of Globo’s reality show, who denied the pawn’s version.

The controversy began during a conversation with Rico Melquiades in the kitchen of the reality TV Record, when Bil commented on the conversation on WhatsApp. “There were some groups, the evil one. The other [reality], there was there,” said the veteran, without mentioning the name of the contestant’s show. “Oh, I heard that Juliette was not in the group,” pointed out the former MTV.

“They threw us out. Me, Juliette, Gil,” reinforced Bil. Then, the pawn confirmed an affair with Kerline Cardoso, the first eliminated from BBB21.

The dialogue went viral on social networks, and Big Brother Brazil participants began to fight back the current confinement. “It’s what? There’s no one who doesn’t want it, simple as that. Bad group,” wrote Arthur Picoli on Twitter, along with laughing emojis.

Caio Afiune said it was bad to hear the veteran’s comment and questioned Nogueira about his presence: “Are you really in the group?” “Yes! I’m in the group, yes!”, confirmed the economist.

On Instagram, Nego Di called Bil “a big liar and opportunist of the worst kind.” “No one was excluded, he saw that the strategy of the excluded in the program worked for some and he wants to use it to win The Farm, is that it? The poor thing. Damn it, right,” said the Gaucho in Stories on Instagram.

Then the comedian published a screen recording of an alleged conversation between Bil and Viih Tube. In the dialogue, the influencer invited the crossfiteiro to the Whatsapp group, but he said he had no interest in joining the conversation. “About the group, no need, no! No, no! Leave me out,” replied the pawn in an audio message.

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