Boy refuses to take off a mask even in a school photo and wins ‘heavyweight’

Mason Peoples, a boy of just six years old, became an example of good behavior by refusing to take off his mask at the high school where he studies, in Nevada, in the United States. The attitude impressed even his mother, Nicole Tucker. The case drew attention on social networks and earned an online pool to fund their studies.

Peoples is a first-year student and the recommendation given by his mother to not take off the mask, except at lunchtime, remained firm. Not even the photographer who recorded the students for the class photo could convince him, showing that he follows the rule to the letter – and perhaps even more than his mother expected.

“My mom told me to wear a mask all the time and only take it off when I’m eating, when there’s no one around,” he explained to the photographer.

The repercussion was so great that on social networks Nicole thanked the messages she has received.

Mason and I are overjoyed and in awe of the outpouring of love we received because of your photo at school. He read many of your comments with the biggest smile on his face! He is so happy to see so many people proud of him and saying he did such a good job! He is so proud! You all made my little one’s day! He is a kind-hearted, considerate, loving, intelligent and helpful boy. Thank you for showing him that your honesty and integrity will make a big difference in this world.


Mason’s example touched many people who insisted that their mother open a cow to fund their studies.

“Many of you have asked me how you can send money for gifts, ice cream or Mason’s college scholarship fund, so I created this account on GoFundMe to do just that.”

More than 1,700 people donated. Until this Monday (4), the amount collected was equivalent to R$ 195.5 thousand.

Another detail that caught our attention was the dialogue between Mason and the photographer, transcribed by the professional:

Photographer: Okay, take off the mask.

Mason: My mom said to keep it on your face at all times, unless I’m eating and away from everyone.

Photographer: I’m sure it’s okay to take it for your photos.

Mason: No, my mom seriously told me to make sure I keep it on my face.

Photographer: Are you sure you don’t want to take it off for 2 seconds?

Mason: No thanks, I always listen to my mom!

Photographer: Okay, say cheese!