Bruna Marquezine is unmasked after declaring she stopped eating meat and hypocrisy shocks fans

Bruna Marquezine
Bruna Marquezine is unmasked after declaring that she stopped eating meat (Image: Reproduction / Instagram)

On the last monday (04), Bruna Marquezine had its name among the most talked about topics on Twitter. All because the actress was exposed taking an attitude that is not consistent with what she herself usually preaches.

She, who recently traveled to France to check out the Paris Fashion Week shows, was photographed wearing a purse made 100% of calfskin.

So far so good if it wasn’t a detail. A netizen, with the aim of unmasking the famous woman, brought up a 2018 interview in which she appears saying that she made the decision to stop eating meat for the love of animals.

“What I don’t eat at all is red meat and chicken, out of philosophy, out of love for animals, out of love for the world, for the planet. For the love of me, my body and my health. That I don’t eat at all. Besides, there’s one thing or another I don’t like, but I’m always willing to try it again to see if I change my mind”, declared at the time, to Glamor magazine.

Due to the supposed “hypocrisy” on the part of the artist, many web users criticized her. “How much love for the animals… No, wait”, reacted a twitterer.

“A great artistic awareness of this girl, to animals everything… except for the calf. A good calf is a dead calf for her”, mocked another. “A-do-ro when this lacrolândia gang gets wrapped up in their own seals”, commented one more.

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