Cat and fox are seen greeting each other through the window; video

A kitten and a fox residing in London, England, are proving that there is no species difference to build a genuine friendship.

The duo was spotted interacting, even separated by a window. The sweet scene was shared by ViralHog – viral video licensing company – on its YouTube channel last Thursday, 30th.

Animals are amazing beings able to relate to each other and also with other species. And the proof of this was with this feline and his fox friend, who then walks through the garden of the house and stops at the window to communicate with his friend.

In the video it is possible to see them ‘talking’ for a few moments, then the fox starts to walk along the parapet and the kitten keeps following her and finally she leaves. And the little one cranes his head to see her leaving. Beloved!

The video got thousands of views and dozens of comments full of love for the duet.

“The fluffy cat is trying to let you in to play with him,” commented one.

“Have you presented this to Disney yet?” joked another.

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