Celso Portiolli mocks the failure of Zig Zag Arena

Was it indirect? Fernanda Gentil’s new program, Zig Zag Arena, debuted last Sunday (3/10) on Globo and did not take off in the audience. During the direct confrontation with Domingo Legal, the program took second place in the timetable, accounting for 9.5 against 9.9 for SBT’s attraction. And it seems that the presenter Celso Portiolli is making fun of the competitor on the web.

“Another month starting with a smile on my face! What a wonderful company you were, we reached the 1st place in audience in several cities in Brazil! The one-two punch of Pass or Repass + Buy is Good, Take is Better is a success! Thank you Brazil”, posted the communicator on Instagram. But, the indirect didn’t stop there. Portiolli published a photo in which he said that if the desire of those who followed him was to watch light and grass-roots scavenger hunts, the public should watch SBT.


Passa ou Ressa debuted 34 years ago. At the launch, still as a painting, it was commanded by Silvio Santos. Afterwards, the titleholder of the attraction became Gugu Liberato. Angelica came next, and won the opportunity to have fun watching the pie fight on the most famous face of Brazilian television. In 1996, Celso Portiolli took over the presentation of the SBT competition.

See Celso Portiolli’s post:

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