CIA admits to having lost ‘dozens of foreign informants’, says newspaper | World

The CIA, the intelligence agency of the United States, admitted in internal communiqués that it had lost “dozens of foreign informants”, reported on Tuesday (5) the newspaper “The New York Times”.

Counterespionage service officials have sent out recent warnings that the number of agents who have been killed, captured or recruited by enemy governments has increased.

According to the publication, citing US intelligence sources, the US government is aware of a high number of agents who have been killed, which has not been made public.

In addition, the report had access to messages sent to the CIA’s international offices in which there are reports of the difficulty that the American service has encountered for new recruits.

The New York Times also reported that opposing agencies in Russia, China, Iran and Pakistan have identified American agents – and in some cases, turned them into double agents.

The report cites that an internal CIA memo recognizes that rival agencies have advanced technologically and, therefore, may even anticipate actions in American activity.

The American agency has always been seen as the most advanced due to its network of informants present in several countries, but the report has difficulties in maintaining it.

It is not news that the US loses informants on some of its fronts of action, however the “Times” assesses that the scenario is “more urgent” than previously thought.

The American newspaper heard active employees and stated that the warning messages were forwarded to those responsible for recruiting new informants.

A former CIA agent said, in an interview with the publication, that part of the blame lies with those responsible for the contacts, who are not held responsible for what happens to the agents.

“Sometimes there are things beyond our control, but there are also times of carelessness and negligence, and people in top positions are never held accountable,” Douglas London told the newspaper.

The New York Times contacted a CIA spokeswoman who told the newspaper she would not comment on the case.

Other former agency officials told the paper that the CIA “rusted” after spending decades focused on threats of terrorism.

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