Corsair shows visual of Vengeance DDR5 memories

corsair revealed the look of its new Corsair Vengeance DDR5 memories 4800 MT/s, 1.1v and RGB LEDs. The company is one of the first to present new memories representing part essential of the new performance levels promised by Intel Alder Lake processors.

The processors of 12The generation are planned for the early november, with compatible upgrade kits with the new LGA1700 socket should come together, or very close.

Corsair is currently offering three variations of the Corsair Vengeance DDR5 memories, the RT, RS and PRO SL, with different specifications and finish, but all one RGB LED strip to highlight the memories within the new systems with Z690 chipset that should be arriving soon.

Credits: Corsair

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the series of memories Corsair Dominator, traditional for integrating a more premium segment of memories, it must also be announced soon, to guarantee the maximum performance for setups with Intel Alder Lake-S processors

Credits: Corsair

The reviewers that will be part of the Global release of new 12 Intel CPUsThe are already receiving engineering samples of Corsair memories, just to be able to conduct tests comparatives using the new processors so much with DDR4-3200 and DDR5-4800 memories, since Alder Lake brings native support for both.

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Asus already has a wide Z690 chipset motherboard list confirmed, and just as happened in the transition from DDR3 to DDR4, it offers models compatible with current memories and the new DDR5 standard that should be released very soon. Intel has scheduled for October 28-30 its Intel InovatiON innovation event, where more details should appear on both the new CPUs and the kits compatible with the new technologies.

In addition to Corsair, the TeamGroup also announced its T-Force Vulkan DDR5 memories, with a very characteristic heat sink, but which also have RGB LEDs, almost mandatory design trait lately. Yet there are no official dates for the arrival of new memories to the market, but this situation is likely to change. as the launch of new Intel Alder Lake-S desktop processors approaches.


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Via: Source: Corsair