Creative director confirms fan theory about Jack Carver and Jackal

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One of the biggest theories of fans of Far Cry 2 was finally confirmed by Clint Hocking, the game’s creative director, in an interview with IGN. The numerous similarities between the jackal and Jack Carver made fans in 2008 believe that the two were the same person — and they were right.

For those unfamiliar with the series, the second game has as its main antagonist an arms dealer known as the Jackal, whose story began during the period he served in the navy.

Interestingly, Jack Carver, the protagonist of the first game in the franchise Far cry, also served in the Armed Forces. However, after being dishonorably discharged, he ends up becoming a drug dealer: the same role as the Jackal. Too close to be just a coincidence.

The theory has been confirmed: Jackal and Jack Carver are the same person

The similarities made fans, 12 years ago, begin to consider the possibility of dealing with one person. It took a while, but confirmation came through Hocking:

In the original Far Cry, Jack Carver was this arms dealer, smuggler and cheater. The idea was that the Jackal was just him, 10 years later or something like that, having seen whatever he saw on the island during the events of Far Cry.” reveals the director.

Even after confirming the old theory, Hocking didn’t want to completely end the mystery and didn’t reveal whether everything Jack saw was real or caused by some hallucination, either trauma or drug use.

Regardless of the reason, the fact is that a decade later Jack Carver invested heavily in his smuggling scheme and ended up becoming the fearsome jackal. Did you like this bombastic revelation? Be sure to comment!

The next adventure in the franchise, Far Cry 6, arrives on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC on the day October 7th.

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