Cruzeiro: Luxa says the renovation is underway and rules out the arrival of a new soccer director – Rádio Itatiaia

Photo: Bruno Haddad/Cruzeiro
Bruno Haddad/Cruise

Coach Vanderlei Luxemburgo revealed on Tuesday that the renewal of the contract with Cruzeiro is “well underway”. In a statement released by Cruise TV, the coach stressed that the only thing missing is to fit the project for the 2022 season.

“As we’ve already dealt with the renewal, I’ve already told the fan that I want to continue, the president and the sponsor want me to continue. There is already a process well underway for this, all that remains is to put the project we have for next year”, he declared.

As for the new football director, after Rodrigo Pastana’s resignation, the coach said that another professional will not be hired at this time. The name of Alexandre Mattos is a wish of businessman Pedro Lourenço, Raposa’s main investor. But the leader moved to the United States, where he takes courses.

Thus, Luxemburgo said that the club will stay with professionals who already work at Toca.

“With the departure of Pastana, which is a public thing, we are not going to bring anyone. Let’s work with our people here, do the work with the professionals here who are competent. We’re not bringing anyone in right now. There are people here who can handle it and we are going to believe in them”, he stressed.