Echo Dot and Fire TV Stick appear discounted on Amazon; see prices | Which one to buy?

Other smart speakers like Echo Dot (4th generation), Echo, Echo Show 8, Echo Show 10 and Echo Studio also appear with up to BRL 200 discount. Consumers still find cheaper items to compose the smart home such as smart switch, WiFi security camera and smart lamp. Check out the promotions and the technical sheet of the devices below.

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Amazon Echo Dot displays an orange light when in setup mode — Photo: Marvin Costa/TechTudo

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The third generation Echo Dot is the simplest speaker from Amazon’s line of smart speakers with connection to Alexa. Users can ask the virtual assistant to play music and read news, for example. Furthermore, it is possible to control smart devices by voice. The device, which has an original price of R$349, can be purchased for R$219, a discount of R$130.

The compact box has a flat shape and can be used to connect your cell phone or tablet via Bluetooth. The specs even include a 1.6-inch speaker and four microphones.

Echo Dot (3rd generation) is the simplest speaker from Amazon’s line of smart speakers — Photo: Yuri Hildebrand/TechTudo

Fire TV Stick is a dongle that turns ordinary televisions into smart ones. Simply connect the device to the TV’s HDMI input to access applications such as Prime Video, Globoplay, Netflix and YouTube. The device can also be used with Alexa, meaning it is possible to control the media center by voice. The equipment also comes with a remote control with TV commands. It originally sells for $379, but is available for $279 — a $100 reduction.

Consumers looking for the 4K version can also take advantage of the discount week. The model with the best resolution has an original price of R$ 449, but it will be sold for R$ 349 until Sunday, that is, it was R$ 100 cheaper.

Fire TV Stick: Which one to choose?

Fire TV Stick: Which one to choose?

The fourth generation Echo Dot is another smart speaker that connects with Alexa. The difference from the previous version is the globe shape and the physical plastic buttons to control the device. It is still possible to use the smart speaker as a smart home hub. The product is offered in black, white and blue. The box is normally sold for R$399, but can be purchased for R$349 during the promotion, that is, a R$50 discount.

The watch edition also appears cheaper. Previously sold for R$499, it is now possible to purchase the box for R$449 — a reduction of R$50. The Echo, larger version, has an original price of R$749, but is being sold for R$599, thus R$ 150 more on account.

Amazon Echo and Echo Dot 4th generation appear at a discount of up to R$ 150 this week — Photo: Yuri Hildebrand/TechTudo

The Echo Show 8 is a smart speaker with an 8-inch screen. The second generation of the device brings as a novelty a more modern processor and a 13 MP camera with automatic framing. She also connects to Alexa to make video calls. Another advantage is the possibility of watching series and videos or following music subtitles on the display, for example. The Echo Show 8 is originally available for R$999, but is available for R$849 — a reduction of R$150.

The first generation of the smart speaker is also part of the Alexa Offers Week. However, the device features a sensor of only 1 MP. The previous version has the original price of BRL 899 and appears for BRL 749, that is, the discount is also BRL 150.

Second-generation Echo Show 8 features a 13 MP camera — Photo: Press Release/Amazon

The Echo Show 10 is another smart speaker with a screen. The difference is that this model has a 10-inch display. The panel looks like a monitor and “follows” the user through the environment. Consumers will have a discount of R$200 until Sunday. The device, which originally sells for R$1,899, can be purchased for R$1,699.

Amazon’s smart speaker can also be used as a smart hub for ZigBee devices. The retailer also promises that the equipment provides premium sound. As with the 8-inch model, the Echo Show 10 can be used to watch movies and series on major streaming services.

Echo Show 10 features a 10-inch screen that “follows” the user — Photo: Yuri Hildebrand/TechTudo

Echo Studio is a robust box for anyone looking for a premium sound device that connects to Alexa. The highlight of this option is the presence of five speakers, which bring power up to 330 Watts. The smart speaker normally sells for R$1,699, but appears for R$1,499 this week — a R$200 discount.

Echo Studio’s design features an opening at the bottom to boost the bass. Furthermore, it can act as a smart hub to control smart equipment through Alexa.

Echo Studio has five speakers with up to 330 Watts of power — Photo: Yuri Hildebrand/TechTudo

Promotions on smart home products

The Alexa Offers Week also brings discounts on products from other brands aimed at those who want to build a connected home. Items like lamp, Wi-Fi security camera, smart switch and digital lock are on offer. Check out the promotions:

  • i2Go Smart Lamp: from R$ 74.90 to R$ 64
  • Intelbras Wi-Fi Izy Smart Security Camera: from R$349 to R$279
  • Positivo Smart Lamp Wi-Fi RGB+: from R$ 129 to R$ 94
  • Smarteck Smart Switch: from BRL 349 to BRL 314
  • Elsys Wi-Fi Smart Desk Lamp: from R$345 to R$299
  • Hi by Geonav Smart Camera: from R$799 to R$699
  • Philips Hue GU10 White & Color Ambiance: from R$369 to R$275
  • WiZ Smart LED Tape: from R$424 to R$335
  • Yale YMC 420D Digital Lock: from R$1,638 to R$1,500

Five smart home accessories

Five smart home accessories

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