Facebook blackout was caused by ‘serious human error’, says security expert

Illustration/LogoFacebook – Photo: GETTY IMAGES

Facebook blackout, which also hit Instagram and WhatsApp, on Monday (4) was the result of “serious and human failure, not of the system”. That’s what digital security expert Marcus Garcia told CNN on Tuesday (5).


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Fail on Facebook

Facebook said in a statement that there was a configuration failure on the internal network. “It was a problem in the system that makes the routes so that the internet knows how to reach social networks.”

At the same time, the company’s own internal configuration did not work. As the entire base of applications has the same “datacenters” – or servers – all services shared the same system that had the failure, causing the generalized downfall.

Marcus Garcia does not believe that “datacenters” will be isolated from each other again. “Facebook has been integrating the systems in the last two years. The three are interdependent.”

“This failure from a technology standpoint was catastrophic. Did not allow ‘half functioning’. Fell in full. Unless they had other datacenters for that purpose, I don’t see how they could prevent it. It was a serious and human failure, it was not a system failure”, he added.

He further reinforced that there were no data leaks, but made an important warning. “The safest form of protection is not having important personal data on these social networks. The least possible is the best.”