Facebook: the complaints and the blackout that aggravate the crisis of the largest social network in the world

Frances Haugen speaking indoors

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“The company’s leadership knows how to make Facebook and Instagram safer, but it won’t make the necessary changes because it puts its astronomical profits in front of people,” Haugen told US senators

This Tuesday (5/10), former Facebook employee Frances Haugen attended the US Senate to testify about her complaints against the company, which included internal documents that had been leaked and published by the press.

Earlier, Facebook founder and director Mark Zuckerberg needed to speak out on another front for the company this week: in a post, he apologized for the group’s social media being down for about six hours on Monday (4), in much of the world.

Later, the company clarified that there was a problem with the connection between its data centers and the internet, and said it was working to make its infrastructure “more resilient”.

The day before the world crash that compromised the functioning of Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram, Frances Haugen had already put the company’s name in a bad light when she had an interview broadcast by the American network CBS.