Fazenda 2021: Nego Di denies Bil Araújo and exposes compromising audio; listen

Bil Araújo talks about BBB (Image: Reproduction / Record)

The declarations of Bil Araújo keep reverberating outside of The Farm 2021. the comedian Nego Di released the dogs against the model, this Tuesday (5). The confines of the reality show of record stated that he, Juliette Freire and Gil do Vigor would have been excluded from a group of former WhatsApp BBCs.

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Irritated by the speech, Nego Di decided to expose a private conversation between him and viih tube, in which she asks if Bil would like to join the group. “Hi Bill! I was waiting for you to leave ‘No Limite’ to send you a message and it ended up leaving and I forgot to send it, I went to thank everyone for the experience there and also always apologize for anything! Thank you for everything, a big kiss and a lot of success”, says to youtuber.

“We have the ‘BBB’ crowd. If you want to get in, give me the number. We’re waiting for you to leave ‘No Limite’ to place it because we didn’t know who would have your cell phone”, completes the blonde, in the message.

Bil responded to the message by audio. “Hi Viih Tube, how are you? That’s it, it’s okay, it’s gone, the game is over… I only have contact with a few people out here. Thanks for coming to talk too, okay, thanks. That’s it, ball forward, it’s gone, life goes on. About the group, I don’t need it, I don’t want to, leave me out, okay? A big kiss, thanks”, answered.

Nego Di also called the pawn “the greatest opportunist in reality”. “This guy has to stop jumping from reality to reality and create a product… beauty doesn’t fill your belly!!! Even more when you don’t have a brain!!!”, he detonated.

Henry Earring

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