Fluminense x Fortaleza: with promotional price in Covid-19 test, Laranjeiras has a long line day | Rio de Janeiro

O Fluminense and “Inside Diagnostics”, a partner of the club, offered a promotional price for club members to test Covid-19 in Laranjeiras for this Wednesday’s game, against Fortaleza. After buying a ticket for the match, fans pay R$50 to take the antigen test and, if negative, they are able to remove the bracelet that will give access to Maracanã. The first day of discount, however, caused a long line at headquarters from early morning until mid-afternoon.

1st day of discounted antigen in Laranjeiras had a long line in the morning — Photo: Publicity

Photos and reports of waiting for two hours or more circulated on social networks, which generated complaints and criticism from internet users due to the crowding.

Fans showed lines on social media — Photo: Reproduction / Twitter

Fans showed lines on social media — Photo: Reproduction / Twitter

When consulted, Fluminense informed that the demand of fans was much greater in the morning, while in the afternoon there were no queues. The club added that it is looking for a way to speed up the process. The promotional price for members continues this Wednesday in Laranjeiras, from 8 am to 5 pm. Ticket sales end at 1pm. O ge found that, until this Tuesday, about 2,500 tickets had been sold.

Check out Fluminense’s position:

“Fluminense is following all the protocols required by the health authorities to carry out the test event. The club is working, together with the partner laboratory, to solve the queuing issues verified in the morning, in Laranjeiras, on this first day of operation , and speed up the results of the exams”.

Antigen promotional price for Fluminense members in Laranjeiras — Photo: Disclosure

The protocol’s bureaucracy was also the target of criticism. To remove the bracelet that entitles entry to Maracanã, the fan had to present printed forms: the ticket purchase voucher, proof of vaccination and the negative result of the Covid test. Some fans were taken by surprise with the obligation to print all documents. The need, however, had been informed by the club since the announcement of the ticket sales scheme.

The presentation of the printed result was a requirement of the city hall protocol. Fans of other clubs in Rio de Janeiro have also gone through similar needs to go to the games recently.

Several fans who went to Laranjeiras decided to remain at the site awaiting the test result before picking up the Maracanã access bracelet. In some cases, however, the result took hours to come out. With the need for printing to remove the bracelet, club security guided the trip to a nearby lottery. The club provided another six points in the city for the bracelet to be picked up (see list below). Some require printed documents, others accept digital version checking.

This will be Fluminense’s first game with open gates since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. Tricolor uses the game as a test event. The load is 20 thousand tickets, and the sale is done only through the internet. Prices range from R$80 to R$300.

Only those who are up to date with the vaccine cycle can go to the game. Upon making the purchase, this supporter will receive a voucher and must undergo an antigen test in accredited laboratories. If the Covid-19 test is negative, he will present the ticket and exam at the pick-up points to earn a bracelet that will give him access to the stadium. If it is positive, the club will refund the ticket price, but it will not be possible to recover the money spent on the exam.

Note: to be up to date with the vaccine cycle, you must have taken the first, second or third dose according to the age in your municipality, or who are not yet old enough to be vaccinated, such as children under 12 years of age.

Fluminense fans will return to Maracanã against Fortaleza — Photo: Lucas Merçon / Fluminense FC

  • Partners: www.fluminense.com.br/portaldosocio
  • General public: fluminensefc.futebolcard.com

Closing of sales: 06/10 (Wednesday), at 1:00 pm

  • Tricolor Heart Member, Check-Ins 2021 and Football Package – R$ 0
  • Football Partner, Eternal Love and Games Package – R$ 20
  • Warrior Member – R$56
  • Non-Members – Full – R$ 80 (Half price – R$ 40)
  • Tricolor Heart Partners, 2021 Check-Ins and Football Package – R$ 0
  • Football Partner, Eternal Love and Games Package – R$ 25
  • Warrior Member – BRL 70
  • Non-Members – Full – R$ 100 (Half-price – R$ 50)
  • Tricolor Heart Members, Check-Ins 2021, Soccer Package, Soccer Membership, Eternal Love and Games Package – R$ 182.50
  • Non-Members – Full – BRL 300 (Half price – BRL 182.50)


  • Pastore Medical Center
  • Dr. Marinho Clinic
  • Villela Pedras Clinic
  • Carioca Consultation
  • Inside Diagnosis
  • Baffi Laboratory – Petrópolis
  • Dr. Belizario Laboratory
  • Blessing Laboratory
  • LabCare – Diagnostic Medicine
  • lab exams
  • IACB laboratory
  • Laborlife Diagnostics
  • Lach
  • Richet
  • Samoc
  • TOPSAÚDE (São Gonçalo)
  • Vacivitta Barra da Tijuca
  • Health Veils
  • Tommasi Laboratory (Vitória, Vila Velha and Serra)
  • Labor Labis (São Paulo)
  • Labi Exams (São Paulo)
  • VEUS Health (São Paulo)
  • Profile Laboratory (São Paulo)
  • Gestar Saúde Laboratory (São Paulo)
  • Alphaclin Laboratory (Osasco)
  • SOCIAL MEDI (Santos)
  • Labormed (Sorocaba)
  • Symcromed Clinic (Guarulhos)
  • Lab Imonolab (Juiz de Fora)
  • Personal Laboratory (Belo Horizonte)
  • Lapecco Laboratory (Belo Horizonte)
  • Microlab (Caxias do Sul)
  • Exact Laboratory (Canoes and Gravataí)
  • Gram Laboratory (Rio Grande)
  • LabMed Laboratory (Santa Maria)
  • Kad Laboratory (Ijui)
  • Analyzing Laboratory (Curitiba)
  • Diagnostic Laboratory (Florianópolis and Palhoça)
  • Gimenez Laboratory (Joinville, Camboriú and Navegantes)
  • Ceaclin Laboratory (Jaraguá do Sul and Itajaí)
  • Santa Barbara Laboratory
  • Gestar Health Laboratory
  • Sabin Diagnostic Medicine
  • Home Hospital
  • Daher Hospital
  • Dawn Hospital
  • Salus Laboratory (Goiânia)
  • Lapraz Mais Laboratory (Jaboatão dos Guararapes)
  • Clinical Analysis Lab (João Pessoa)
  • Laboratorio Labiocenter (Maceió)
  • Bioscience Laboratory (Fortaleza)
  • Centro Ami Laboratory (São Luís)
  • Lapec Laboratory (Aracaju)
  • Anacli Laboratory (Santana Fair)
  • DNA Center Laboratory (Christmas)
  • Aliança Laboratory (Paraíso do Tocantins)
  • Biomedic Laboratory (Macapá)
  • Laboratory Center Lab. (Holy Land)
  • Bioanalysis Laboratory (Barcarena)
  • Oriximilab Laboratory (Oriximiná)
  • Bioscience Laboratory (Belém)


The fan must go to one of the pick-up locations, carrying, necessarily, a copy of the proof of vaccination against Covid-19 up to date, the result of the negative test for Covid-19 and the printed ticket voucher.

  • Laranjeiras – Fluminense Headquarters (Rua Álvaro Chaves, 41)
    – October 5th (Tuesday), from 10 am to 8 pm
    – October 06 (Wednesday), from 10 am to 7 pm)
  • Maracanã – Ticket Offices 1 and 2
    – October 5th (Tuesday), from 10 am to 8 pm
    – Day 06/10 (Wednesday), from 8 am to 2 pm
  • Niterói – Official Fluminense FC Store (Rua Gavião Peixoto, 104, Icaraí)
    – October 5th (Tuesday), from 10 am to 5 pm
    – Day 06/10 (Wednesday), from 10 am to 4 pm
  • Nova América – Official Fluminense FC Store (Av. Pastor Martin Luther King Jr, 126, Store 1406)
    – October 5th (Tuesday), during the mall’s opening hours
    – Day 10/06 (Wednesday), from 10 am to 7 pm
  • Shopping Caxias – Official Fluminense FC Store (Rodovia Washington Luiz, 2895, Store 202 D)
    – October 5th (Tuesday), during the mall’s opening hours
    – Day 06/10 (Wednesday), from 10 am to 4 pm
  • Park Shopping Campo Grande – Official Fluminense FC Store (Estrada do Monteiro, 1200, Store 206 S, Floor L2)
    – October 5th (Tuesday), during the mall’s opening hours
    – Day 06/10 (Wednesday), from 10 am to 4 pm
  • Américas Shopping – Official Fluminense FC Store (Av. das Américas, 15500, Loja 111 A)
    – October 5th (Tuesday), during the mall’s opening hours
    – Day 06/10 (Wednesday), from 10 am to 4 pm

IMPORTANT: Gratuities can only be withdrawn in Laranjeiras and Maracanã.

  • South Sector – Gate C
  • East Sector – Gate D
  • Maracanã Mais – Gate A

• It will not be necessary for the fan to present proof of vaccination and test results on the date of the match.

• The public must obey the marking of seats, using only those authorized for use.

• It is forbidden to enter the stadium with food and drinks.

• The use of a mask is mandatory.

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