Formation of the third Roça promises to surprise the pedestrians of A Fazenda 13 this Tuesday (5) – A Fazenda

The formation of the third Roça takes place this Tuesday (5) in The Farm 13. And after a very busy week at the headquarters, everything indicates that the night will also be exciting.

Farmer Gui Araujo has already told some friends that he intends to nominate Rico Melquiades, who has had friction with pedestrian entertainment in recent days, but nothing prevents him from changing his mind at the last moment.

Inside the headquarters, Erika Schneider and Rico believe they will be the main targets of the night. The blonde has been the subject of several conversations since last week, when, at the time, she assumed the Farmer’s hat.

Erasmo Viana and Tati Quebra Barraco were the ones who most criticized Erika. Will the confusion on Sunday (3) change the direction of the vote?


This week’s Bay is occupied by Aline Mineiro, Rico Melquiades, Tiago Piquilo and Victor Pecoraro. If Rico really is the Farmer’s nomination, there are only the other three left to be pulled. Erika Schneider has already revealed that, if she is the most voted at the headquarters, she will choose Tiago Piquilo.

Like every formation in Roça, the surprise of the night is already guaranteed by the Powers of the Flame. Mileide Mihaile won the Fireproof and you can choose a Power to stay and another to give to another pawn. Victor Pecoraro came forward and told his friend that he doesn’t want any of them!

The Poder da Chama Amarela will be revealed during the live program, but the one from Chama Vermelho has already been chosen by the public: in tonight’s formation, there will be no Resta Um. The owner of Poder will nominate the fourth roceiro.

For sure, this Power will be a big surprise for the pedestrians, as they spent the last days planning strategies not to go to the Roça precisely because of this dynamic.

Solange Gomes has promised to save Tati Quebra Barraco, while Erasmo Viana intends to protect Dayane Mello. During the afternoon, MC Gui suggested to the friends to agree who would save who for none of them to take risks.

To close the night, the fourth farmer will veto a pawn from the Farmer’s Test.

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