Gabriel Jesus says what weighs against Tite in comparison with Guardiola: ‘It’s a different football’

In press conference of Brazilian Team this tuesday, the attacker Gabriel Jesus made a comparison about the work of Tite, his commander in the canary team, and Josep Guardiola, who trains him in the Manchester City.

No. 9 praised the two professionals, but stressed that it is difficult to comment on the work of one in relation to the other, as one coaches a team, while the other works for a national team.

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Jesus also pointed out that Tite has much less time to train Brazilian athletes, while Pep can implement his ideas daily during the training of the Citizens.

“The two are great coaches. Obviously there’s no way to compare. It’s a different kind of football. One works for a club, the other for the national team. Tite has little time with his players. I think that for the coach it weighs heavily”, said Gabriel.



Forward gave a press conference this Tuesday

“Me, knowing Tite all these years, I know how much he likes to work, likes to be motivating, motivated, in the environment. Winning and winning. It’s the word we use the most here. So I think it’s a little complicated for him,” he continued.

“There is no way to compare, they are different jobs. However, they are two great coaches that I have the privilege and pleasure of being coached by them,” he added.

Gabriel Jesus is expected to start in Brazil’s attack in this Thursday’s match, at 20:30 (GMT), against Venezuela, for the 2022 World Cup qualifiers.

With Guardiola, the striker has three goals and four assists in nine games so far this season for City.



Forward gave a press conference this Tuesday