Google abandons one of the most used browsers in history

Before Google Chrome reigned in the market, another browser from a rival was successful: Internet Explorer, which is now finally being abandoned. Quietly, the search giant is no longer supporting the browser and most of its services no longer work there.

The decision is not exactly a surprise, taking into account that Microsoft itself has already announced that Internet Explorer will be disabled in 2022. The company has already launched the Edge, successor to the classic browser, which is now present on Windows computers.


End of Google Support

However, there are still users on Explorer who will now be without much of Google’s services. All functions are now no longer supported, even search has been virtually disabled. It is still available, but in an alternate version with reduced results.

According to Google, the costs of maintaining support for a browser that will soon cease to exist and that is being used less and less were evaluated to make the decision. Because of this, the company chose to turn off support for the service.

Explorer will be completely disabled on June 15, 2022. “With Microsoft Edge, we offer a path to the future of the web, respecting the past. The change was necessary, but we didn’t want to leave behind trustworthy websites and applications that are still up and running,” explained the company when it announced the decision.

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