Having spent time at major Brazilian clubs, goalkeeper Carol Aquino dies at age 25 – Sports

O women’s football is in mourning. With tickets through Botafogo, Guild and cruise, the goalkeeper Carol Aquino died this Monday at 25 years old. Born in Cuiabá, the player did not have the cause of her death revealed. She last defended Realidade Jovem, a team from the interior of São Paulo, this year.

She spent a few days with her family after being released from the São Paulo club last week after playing just three matches. Carol faced some personal problems, which made her unable to develop in the teams she passed.

All teams posted messages lamenting what happened and wishing support for the young player’s family. Grêmio, where she was champion from Rio Grande do Sul in 2018, wrote: “We are very saddened by this news and we deeply regret the passing of former athlete Carol Aquino, champion from Rio Grande do Sul with our team in 2018. We sympathize with family and friends and wish you strength in this moment of pain.”

Botafogo wrote: “Botafogo de Futebol e Regatas and the Women’s Football Department deeply regret the passing of athlete Carolina Aquino, who represented the alvinegra shirt in 2019. We wish comfort to family and friends in this delicate moment.”