Humiliated, José Alfredo plans to end Silviano

In the next chapters of Empire, Silvian (Othon Bastos) takes off his mask and shows all his hatred for José Alfredo (Alexander Nero). The Commander believes the butler is Fabricio Melgaço and decides to chase him out of his house.

Humiliated, the employee explodes and says everything he thinks of the powerful. Without speaking out, Silviano defends Mary marta (Lilia Cabral) and sends José Alfredo to shit.


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In addition, Silviano fires several offenses at his rival, making the Commander so angry that he threatens him with a knife. He is restrained by his children, but turns into an animal after hearing so many gossip.

With the devil in his body, José Alfredo runs to the company to tell everything to Cristina (Leandra Leal) and Josue (Roberto Birindelli). “Silviano’s damned fucked me. He mocked me, treated me as if I were his ilk. With every accusation he made, he went deeper into the mud!”, complains.

The Commander guarantees that the butler is his greatest enemy. “If I had any doubts, I no longer have who the villain of this story is. It’s him, that bastard Silviano!”, reveals.

He asks the henchman to keep an eye on the enemy and tells his first step: denounce Silviano and Mauril (Carmo Dalla Vecchia) to the police. “I’m going to move heaven and earth to put those two behind bars. The time for reaction has arrived. They’ll see who they messed with. They will know what Commander José Alfredo Medeiros is capable of!”, warns, with hate.

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