In cult, Bolsonaro says ‘minorities’ must ‘stay in line’ and goes back to hinting at election fraud

The president Jair Bolsonaro on Tuesday 5th, he reinforced his denial speech about the pandemic and made a new nod to his minority social base during a religious ceremony in Brasília. At the Christian Citizenship Symposium, at the Central Baptist Church in the federal capital, the former captain also encouraged distrust in the Brazilian electoral system.

“There are a lot of people better than me in Brazil. But fate wanted the Presidency to be with us. We have to work, withstand pressures, challenges, fake news, threats. And touch the boat”, said the president at the beginning of his speech. “Let’s respect minorities, but the laws are for them to stay in line, not us who are already in line.”

Bolsonaro said again that he defends the ‘traditional’ family and that he knows ‘what the family represents for society’. In one of his attempts at a joke, he stated that the fact that his daughter Laura is 10 years old indicates that he is “on active and without additives”. Ministers such as Onyx Lorenzoni (Labor and Social Security), Marcelo Queiroga (Health) and Damares Alves (Family, Women and Human Rights) were present at the event.

During the speech, the president displayed a video recorded by a supporter on a screen. Without any criticism of the government, the unidentified man lists alleged achievements of the administration and says that “we found that there is fraud in the elections”. Despite attacks on the electoral system, Bolsonaro was never able to demonstrate any irregularity in the elections.

At the religious ceremony, the former captain still praised ineffective remedies against Covid-19 and claimed that the economic difficulties that the country is facing stem from measures taken by mayors and governors to curb the spread of the disease.

“I did not shy away from speaking at the UN, to the world, about early treatment. That we should respect the physician’s autonomy. Or do we have to consult with William Bonner and the three fools of the CPI?”, asked the president, in a new attack on senators Omar Aziz (PSD-AM), Renan Calheiros (MDB-AL) and Randolfe Rodrigues (Rede-AP). “There are people who say they have no scientific proof. Okay, so what do you recommend? It has nothing to recommend. Great remedies were discovered by chance”.

Finally, Bolsonaro defended the nomination of André Mendonça, former Minister of Justice and of the Attorney General of the Union, for a seat on the Supreme Court. The hearing at the Senate Constitution and Justice Committee is not even scheduled.

“I hope Mendonça is approved. There will be a hearing, I believe it will not be difficult to be asked about legal issues. If approved, he will take office. I only made two requests to him: that every week, when starting work, ask for two minutes and say a prayer within the Supreme Court and that every month I want to take a Tubaína with him”.

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