Karol Conká says she almost cried when stopped by fans: ‘Love saves’

The singer Karol Conká, 35, said she was moved and “almost” cried with the affection she received from fans during her stay in Maceió, Alagoas.

On her Twitter profile, the rapper, who lives a new phase in her life after the turmoil that was her elimination of “BBB 21”, said that she was stopped by people on the streets wanting to take pictures with her, and said that “love saves”.

“I’m receiving so much love in Maceió that I already want to come and live here. I almost cried with the speech of everyone who stopped me to take a picture. Love saves real, and I’m already infected by this feeling. Thank you guys”, she wrote the artist.

Karol Conká takes on a relationship with ex of Jojo Todynho

After being seen enjoying the weekend with the 25-year-old soccer player Polidoro Júnior, former funk artist Jojo Todynho, rapper Karol Conká took up a relationship with the athlete, who currently plays for the Boavista Sport Club team.

Conká spoke about the relationship with Polidoro on the social networks of the digital influencer from Alagoas, Carlinhos Maia. According to what he said, they started “talking, he asked for my number and went”.

“We have a lot of friends in common, so we felt at ease,” said the player, who stressed: “It was as if we knew each other already.”

Polidoro Júnior made the news across the country for maintaining a quick relationship with singer Jojo Todynho. Their relationship was communicated on April 3, and two days later they announced their termination.