Lenovo Announces Legion Play, Portable Console Competitor To Steam Deck And Nintendo Switch

It looks like the handheld console craze is here to stay and the Nintendo Switch’s reign is at stake.

After the promising Steam Deck, Lenovo this week announced the Legion Play, its Android-based handheld console, which is ready to join the fray for market share.

Liliputing found the Lenovo Legion Play images along with some information. Considering that the images are linked to the Lenovo website, we can consider the device’s existence more than confirmed.

Apparently, the device should have been officially unveiled at MWC 2021, but the company decided to postpone the announcement for some reason.

The device appears to be running a custom version of Android and a shortcut to platforms like GeForce Now can already be found. You can also view the Google Play Store and other Google Apps. The photos also show USB Type-C connectivity, a 3.5mm audio jack, two analog controls, four front buttons, as well as a D-Pad. The device does not appear to have any cameras.

According to information found on the site, it is designed for AAA games and the source reveals that this is the first Android cloud gaming console, which will allow users to stream hundreds of cloud games and their game library. Users will also be able to play mobile games.

The Lenovo Legion Play will feature a 7-inch FHD screen, HDR10+, integrated controllers, dual speakers, dual vibration motors and a 7,000 mAh battery.

Considering that streaming game platforms, such as Xbox Cloud Gaming, have gained more and more traction, it is quite common for manufacturers to start creating devices optimized for these services. Unfortunately, Legion Play doesn’t seem to have storage for local games, such as the Steam Deck, which limits its use somewhat with the constant need for an internet connection.

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