LoL: Season 11 ends November 15; see all ranked rewards

Season 11 of LoL is drawing to a close. This Tuesday (5), Riot Games revealed all the details about the 2021 season rewards to anyone who played the ranked ranks of League of Legends. And also set the deadline for the end of this Season: November 15th.

There’s still time for you to pick up your LoL Season 11 rewards. And if you’re interested in knowing what these “little gifts” are that Riot has chosen, we’ve separated all the rewards below.

Season 11 Ranked Rewards

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As every year, whoever is ranked Gold or higher will win a victorious skin. The champion chosen for this year was Blitzcrank, and a novelty is that you will gain a chroma relative to your ranking at the end of the season.

See the images below.

LoL Season 11 Blitzcrank Winners Flex LoL Season 11 Blitzcrank Solo Winners

An icon will also be distributed according to its final position in the season.

See below.

LoL Season 11 icons

In addition, all those who finish qualifying matches in the Solo and Flex ranks will receive the following:

  • Blitzcrank Series 1 Permanent Eternals;
  • A Ranked profile icon for both queues;
  • A Ranked profile flag.

Season 11 Clash Rewards

Those who participated in the Clash season will also receive some bonuses. Here, rewards are based on the amount of Victory Points you’ve earned throughout the season, but everyone who participated in any Clash tournament will receive a Clash Contestant icon.

Season 11 Clash


  • Competing Summoner Icon: 100 VP
  • Competitor Clash Logo: 400 PV
  • Competitor Clash Flag: 1000 PV

Season 11 Flag Clash


  • Conquering Summoner Icon: 2000 VP
  • Conqueror Clash Logo: 3000 PV
  • Conqueror Flag of Clash: 4000 VP

Season 11 Clash Icons


  • Champion Summoner Icon: 5000 VP
  • Clash Champion Logo: 6000 PV
  • Clash Champion Flag: 7000 PV

LoL Honor Rewards

You will also receive a reward as you honored and been honored during this season. Rewards will depend on your honor level.

Honor Level 3 Capsule

  • Random Sentry Skin
  • 3 Key Fragments

Honor Level 4 Capsule

  • Random Sentry Skin
  • permanent random emote
  • 3 Key Fragments

Honor Level 5 Capsule

  • Random Sentry Skin
  • permanent random emote
  • 6 Key Fragments

LoL Season 11 Rewards

If you want to remember which were all the victorious skins already released in LoL, go here for this Mais Esports article.

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