Lucas Penteado’s ex-fiancé says actor is drug user

The live controversy made by Lucas Penteado continues to be talked about. The ex-participant of “Big Brother Brasil 21” exposed Júlia Franhani and accused her of betraying him with a security guard. After the episode, a lot of information came up until it was said that there was no betrayal. Still under the impact of the case, which ended up gaining great repercussion in the media, Lucas’ ex-fiancée told details of the night and also revealed that the actor is a drug user.

This Tuesday (05) afternoon, during the program “A Tarde é Sua”, Julia Franhani granted an interview to the journalist Bruno Talamo and spared no words to describe everything that happened the night he suffered Lucas’ serious accusations. According to the girl, the actor was totally out of control and, under the influence of drugs, invented the whole story.

Julia revealed that at night when the live was made, Lucas had arrived changed as a result of drinking alcohol, in addition to having used cocaine: “He came home totally out of his mind. He was out of his mind since Wednesday, using and was drunk”. Asked if the ex-fiancé is a cocaine user, the girl did not think twice and replied: “Sadly yes”.

Lucas Penteado’s ex-fiancée told that they were going to a show, however, she ended up giving up, because the actor was not totally sober: “On Thursday, we had an event to go, which was Yuri Marçal’s stand-up show, and I told him: ‘in the state you are in, I’ll stay. Now if you want to go, feel free.’ He left around 9 pm. I don’t know if he went to this event”.

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Julia said that upon returning home, the situation became even more dire. Out of control, the actor began to accuse her: “When he got home, he was more upset than he already was, going through the whole house, already claiming and claiming that I had taken people into the house, looking for things I didn’t have. That’s when I picked up the intercom and called the concierge”.

Not knowing what to do in the face of that situation, the actor’s ex-fiancee asked the building’s doorman for help, who in turn asked a security guard to go to the apartment: “The guy said he couldn’t request the ambulance, just me, but that he was sending the security guard to see if everything was ok. I said ‘okay’. The security guard went upstairs, knocked on the door and he didn’t want to open the door, saying that everything was fine”.

The girl revealed that Lucas did not want to open the door for security. She said that she had to insist that the actor give in: “I said: ‘Love, open the door. Let’s go to the hospital, you’re not fine. Please’. He didn’t want to open the door. Then I said: ‘open up to the security guard and show that everything is fine’. That’s when he opened the door and I walked out with the security guard”.

Afraid that something might happen, Julia said that she only had the courage to leave the apartment when she saw that the security guard was there. After having the attitude, Lucas began to expose through a live video, in addition to accusing her of treason: “It was when I left the apartment and felt an elevator, then he saw me going to the elevator with the security guard and opened the live making up that story I was cheating on him”.

The actor’s ex-fiancee revealed that when he started filming the situation, she didn’t know what to do and pointed out that something worse could happen: “I had no reaction because he was upset. I don’t know if people noticed, but many made fun of the situation… I didn’t want it to be that way, because I was there to help. If I hadn’t helped, something worse could be happening and he doesn’t recognize it”.

Check out the full interview, starting at 26:50.