Lula leads 1st and 2nd round simulations, points out research | Brazil and Politics

Former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva maintains an isolated lead in the simulations of the first and second round of research carried out by Quaest at the request of Banco Genial.

The company tested eight different first-round scenarios, all always with four names in contention.

Lula, President Jair Bolsonaro and ex-minister Ciro Gomes (PDT) were placed in all tests. In the fourth competitor position, the interviewers were presenting the names of figures that usually appear in the news as possible candidates for a third way.

Always well ahead of rivals, Lula’s performance ranged from 43% to 46%. Bolsonaro ranged from 24% to 27%. Ciro scored from 9% to 12%.

The TV presenter José Luiz Datena (PSL) was the one who presented the best performance among the others tested. It reached 11% against 43% for Lula, 24% for Bolsonaro, 10% for Ciro.

Former judge Sergio Moro (no party) scored 10% when his name was put on the card. João Doria (PSDB), governor of São Paulo, reached 6%, the same performance as former minister Luiz Henrique Madetta (DEM).

The governor of Rio Grande do Sul, Eduardo Leite (PSDB), obtained 4%, a rate identical to that of the businesswoman Maria Luiza Trajano (no party). Senate President Rodrigo Pacheco (DEM) scored 3%. And senator Alessandro Vieira (Podemos), 2%.

On the second round test. Lula defeats Bolsonaro by 53% to 29%. Against Ciro Gomes, the PT wins by 49% to 26%.

Quaest also measured the rejection rates of the top names quoted to run for the presidency in 2022. Bolsonaro led the ranking: 65% of respondents said they know the president and would not vote for him.

Doria scored 61% rejection by this criterion; Moro, 59%; Cyrus, 56%; Datena, 52%; Mandetta, 46%; and Lula, 43%.

Quaest conducted 2,048 face-to-face interviews between September 30th and October 3rd. The survey’s margin of error is 2.2 points.

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— Photo: Silvia Zamboni/Valor