Maitê Proença comments for the first time on her relationship with Adriana Calcanhoto; know details

At the beginning of September, Veja magazine stated that Maitê Proença and Adriana Calcanhoto would be living a romance. Since then, none of the artists have commented directly on the information that has taken hold in the media. Until today… In an interview given to Junior Coimbra, owner of the YouTube channel “Rap 77”, the actress briefly commented on her relationship with the singer.

According to the portal G1, which had access to the episode that will be released this Tuesday (5), the presenter asked about the relationship that the two would be living. “People are people, right? I don’t have any kind of prejudice, but I don’t know either… Sometimes it’s good to open a new front… I don’t know if people encourage it. Because maybe they don’t know exactly what kind of… What is the relationship like”, reflected Maitê.

The actress was quite honest when she said that it is not yet time to speak publicly about the subject in more detail. “I think it’s not the time to talk because it’s not the time to talk. So, I think that some areas of our lives have to be preserved. When things become clear, as soon as we can speak, it will be spoken. There’s no reason not to. For now, I don’t think it’s time”, he explained.

Coimbra also recalled that, when the news came out, Maitê and Adriana Calcanhoto played with the story on social media, but did not speak openly about what they were experiencing. “I made a poem. It’s written there in the poem. Then people can go there and see. Go look at the poem and maybe answer a question. I don’t know, right?”, recalled the actress, referring to a post made on her personal Instagram on September 12th.

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In the video, Maitê mentions the questions that were being made to her at that time. “There are people asking me some things that, deep down, I don’t know how to answer. But, I wrote a business that I don’t know, due to the circumstances, maybe I can help these people to answer some questions. People are so curious, right?! They like to put things in boxes, solve, get everything ready and know”, said Proença, adding that the poem was not completely ready and that he could use it later. In the last verse it says: “Where my desire points; Ah… It’s none of your business”. Message given, right?!

Read the poem in full:

plainclothes heart

Step by step
the years are gone
I was never one to make plans
my hits
the mistakes
run to the breath of minuanos

chance goes me to the north
the fate, the cut
death came and took everything
beloved treasures
my diamonds, my world

I’m gypsy
plainclothes heart
Ze Raimundo Marta Ana
different people, crazy, sane
strength, greed
your waste, my sum
right vote what is profane

And here at the end
black, pink, white, blue
know bro sis silly
I was nervous
today i’m cool
I laugh at your outrage
where my desire points
it’s none of your business