Model Emily Ratajkowski vents after accusing singer Robin Thicke of sexual abuse on recording of hit “Blurred Lines”: “That Leaked”

In her new biography, titled “My Body”, model Emily Ratajkowski accused singer Robin Thicke of sexual abuse during the recording of the 2013 video for “Blurred Lines”. Emily claimed that Robin was drunk that day and “touched her breasts” while filming. Now, in an interview with Extra TV, the model spoke about the subject for the first time.

“What’s frustrating is that I didn’t release anything, it leaked. It’s been difficult for me, I really like being in control of my image and I wrote this book to share the whole story and all sides of it, and I feel like it’s turned into a frenzy of clickbait [sensacionalismo] and all the sudden words like ‘sexual abuse’ and ‘allegations’ are being thrown around instead of people reading the book itself”, he said.

Emily continued, explaining why she expects people to read the entire book: “I’m looking forward to seeing when people will be able to hear things in my own words. All I talk about is the evolution of my politics and it’s not a big revelation, it’s not a crazy thing, it’s a part of a bigger essay. I’m just excited for people to keep the nuances and understand that.”, he added.

Watch the original interview [o trecho em que Emily cita o livro começa em 00:40]:

The accusations

“Blurred Lines” is a successful partnership between Thicke, TI and Pharell Williams. In “My Body,” which talks a lot about showing off the female body, Emily Ratajkowski says she agreed to participate in the nude video shoot because she trusted the director, Diana Martel, but things started to “get out of control” when Robin Thicke arrived at set of drunk recordings.

“Suddenly, out of nowhere, I felt the coldness and strangeness of a stranger’s hands wrapping my bare breasts from behind. I instinctively pulled away, looking at Robin Thicke. He gave a goofy grin and stumbled back, eyes hidden behind his sunglasses. My head snapped back to the darkness beyond the set. The voice [da diretora Diane Martel] failed when she yelled at me, ‘Are you okay?’” says the excerpt published by the British newspaper.

Emily was one of three models who participated in the video for "Blurred Lines".  (Photo: Reproduction/YouTube)
Emily was one of three models who participated in the “Blurred Lines” video. (Photo: Reproduction/YouTube)

The American model also explained that she avoids thinking about it, which is why it took so long to accuse the artist, and wanted to protect the reputation of the director, who always tried to “keep a safe place for the models”. Diana even confirmed Emily’s version in an interview with The Sunday Times. “I remember the moment he grabbed her breasts. One in each hand. He was standing behind her while the two were in profile. I yelled in my aggressive Brooklyn voice: ‘What the hell are you doing, that’s it! The session is over!”, remembered.

Still in the biography, the model admitted that she would have liked to have had another reaction at the time: “I thrust my chin forward and shrugged my shoulders, avoiding eye contact, feeling the heat of humiliation pump through my body. I didn’t react — not really, not like I should.” So far, the singer has not commented on Emily’s accusations.

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The music

The song “Blurred Lines” was one of the biggest hits of 2013, boosted the career of Robin Thicke and the music video in question has more than 760 million views on YouTube. However, by the time of release, both the lyrics and the clip were criticized for problematic messages regarding gender consensus.

In 2018, Thicke and producer and songwriter Pharrell Williams were ordered to pay $5 million to the family of Marvin Gaye, who filed a lawsuit over similarities in the song with the 1977 track “Got to Give It Up”.