Nego do Borel is found in motels; police back off and say he was alone

Singer Nego do Borel, 29, was found early this Tuesday afternoon (5) at a motel in Vila Isabel, in the north of Rio. local.

Initially, the corporation had said in a note that Borel was in the company of two women, but it backed off hours later and said he was alone. “The Civil Police clarifies that the first information given by the establishment was that Nego do Borel would have entered the motel with two women. However, when they entered the room with the singer’s authorization, the agents found that he was alone,” he said in reported to the police.

According to G1, upon arriving at the police station to testify, Borel made obscene gestures to the press.
In testimony, Nego do Borel told police that he was there because he wanted to be alone to “think about life”. He also claimed that he took four Dramin sleeping pills and hung up the phone.

On Monday (4), the artist’s mother, Roseli Viana, filed a police report at the 42nd Civil Police Precinct, reporting her son’s disappearance. A police team was even sent to Itacuruçá, in the Costa Verde of Rio de Janeiro, looking for the singer, as there was information that he could be there.​ ​

The singer’s advisor, Anderson Faria da Silva, said that before being named as missing, Nego do Borel sent him a message saying he was depressed. “Thanks for everything […] but I’m not taking the pressure, I’m depressed,” the musician would have said.

The advisor told Folha de S.Paulo newspaper that he replied that he was on the singer’s side, that he would help him and that he should not do anything stupid. Despite this, family members were no longer able to speak to the artist and, worried, decided to look for the police.

The farm

Since being expelled from A Fazenda 13 (Record), the singer has made statements in which he says he is going through an emotionally difficult time. He left the reality show after viewers accused him of allegedly raping Dayane Mello on the 25th, after the show’s second party.

At the time, Record stated that “in view of the facts established, the direction of Record TV decided to withdraw Nego do Borel from the competition”. Video clips of the pedestrians in the room after the party are circulating on the web. Dayane appeared to be drunk and other participants helped her change and go to bed.

In one of the images, MC Gui, 23, appears asking if she would like to stay where she was, with Nego do Borel on top of her, or go to her bed. “Seriously, if she doesn’t want to leave, you leave, Nego,” he said, and claimed to be better at avoiding problems. In the background, female voices claimed she was “totally drunk.”

In another video, Borel is lying next to Dayane, hugging her, and other participants try to push him away, while the singer asks: “Calm down.” Another excerpt shows the bedroom at dawn, with the other participants sleeping. Camera limitations do not allow images and audio to be clear.

According to the audience, in the excerpts, Nego do Borel would be in bed with Dayane, who was not reacting because he was unconscious. There are sounds that seem like moans and, at times, you can hear the model’s voice, almost inaudible, murmuring that she has a daughter.

Before the show, he had already been indicted for physical assaults against an ex-girlfriend and accused of domestic violence by others. He denies it.