New World restricts character creation to ease servers

New World you are paying the sweet price of success. Launched less than a month ago, the Amazon Game Studios MMO reached peaks of 913,000 players. On social networks, there are reports of waiting to join the game that last for hours.

The company is trying to alleviate the problem. First, it promised to create new servers. And this Saturday (2), he announced that the public will no longer be able to create characters on crowded servers – they will appear “erased” in the initial choice screen. The idea is to direct users to less explored sectors of the game, where there is practically no waiting time.

She also created a query page with the status of each server. This makes it easier to identify which ones are full, as well as which ones are offline or undergoing maintenance, for example.

Another new feature will be a transfer feature: the player will be able to take their character to another server for free for a limited time.

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