Nintendo Switch OLED has HDMI 2.0 port on the dock, supports 4K resolution and 60 FPS

Despite this model will broadcast games in 1080p

Since the Nintendo OLED Switch was announced one of the reasons that most discouraged fans was the Nintendo keep the maximum resolution of Full HD for image transmission via HDMI. The product was announced with a larger screen, which now uses OLED technology, providing better color quality but still maintaining the same 720p resolution.

With its release scheduled for the next 8th of October, the console started to reach the hands of some people and with that it starts to be broken down in order to find differences with the traditional model of the Nintendo Switch.

The channel Nintendo Prime found that the output hdmi the new console brings technology 2.0, which represents a leap from the 1.4 version used in the base version’s consoles, among the new features that the HDMI 2.0 brings is the possibility of transmitting video in 4K at 60 FPS, in the 1.4 model it is possible to transmit video in 4k but it is limited to a frame rate of 30 FPS.

In addition to the port using HDMI 2.0, the cable that comes included with the new model also supports the new technology, making the dock ready to run content to 4K 60 FPS, including using HDR. But even with this possibility, the new Nintendo Switch OLED will run only the 1080p 60 FPS in the dock, so his big brother.

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There are rumors that some studios would be working on 4K versions of their games for the Nintendo Switch, but the company denies this information, it is hard to believe that with the arrival of this new model the company will bring a new model so soon.

But with its dock being ready for the transmission of [email protected], a software update could allow owners of this model to use this output in the future, which would leave unexplained the company not having used this as marketing for its new product.

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