Palmeiras moves and calmly deals with Felipe Melo’s summons to testify to the Uruguayan Court for a fight in 2017

The board of palm trees moves behind the scenes to solve the case involving Felipe Melo and the Uruguayan Justice. The player was summoned to testify for the fight in 2017 against the Peñarol at Libertadores Conmebol, but did not return to the country to provide clarification on the confusion.

O he learned from people close to the São Paulo club that the case is being handled calmly. There is no fear of losing Felipe Melo to the decision against the Flamengo, but there is a guarantee that what is necessary will be done so that the steering wheel has its obligations fulfilled with the Justice.

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The general confusion followed Palmeiras’ 3-2 victory at Campeón del Siglo, when Peñarol players accused the Brazilian of teasing them. The shirt 30 then punched Matías Mier and started a fight that involved fans of both teams and members of the two delegations in the tunnel accessing the locker rooms.

At the time, the Public Ministry of Uruguay requested the arrest of the player from Palmeira so that he could provide clarification, as it did with the Uruguayans, but the defensive midfielder had already returned to Brazil.