Paolla Oliveira attends clinic opening

Paolla Oliveira appeared at the opening of the Lilly Estética store, of which she is an ambassador, in a shopping center in the South Zone of Rio de Janeiro. Wearing a stylish look, the actress drew attention and was sympathetic at the event.

In a post for the brand’s Instagram, Paolla made the announcement that the store would be arriving in the Marvelous City (see below).

Paolla Oliveira is one of TV Globo’s most beloved actresses after a series of outstanding roles in soap operas on TV Globo, such as “Amor à Vida”, “A Força do Querer” and “A Dona do Pedaço”.

She is currently in a relationship with Diogo Nogueira. In an interview with the newspaper O Globo, the singer even described his girlfriend as “Enlightened, strong as a hurricane”.

Nogueira also said that the dialogue between them is perfectly in tune: “The conversation is always fundamental so that the relationship is aligned in all matters”

The two took up romance recently, when Paolla took the stage at Vivo Rio, during the singer’s concert, and the two exchanged a kiss.