Part II on PC in October?

You didn’t read it wrong. The Last of Us: Part II is one of the games coming to the PS Now service, which runs on both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation consoles as well as PCs. Sony’s game streaming service still has an interesting and growing catalog of games from the PS2, PS3 and PS4, and the titles presented in the American PlayStation Blog update excited fans there.

Have you ever imagined being able to play The Last of Us: Part II on PC? – Image: Sony / Disclosure

In addition to it, other hit games like Fallout 76, Amnesia: Collection, Desperados III, Final Fantasy VIII Remastered, Victor Vran: Overkill Edition and Yet Another Zombie Defense HD arrive this month. So much so that even those who don’t have a Sony console can play PlayStation games available on PS Now without any problems. For us Brazilians, the point is that PS Now is not available here yet.

There is no forecast for the arrival of the service here yet. The last time it was asked about the matter, Sony Plans said it plans to expand the service to India and maps countries with good internet connections and strong economies to determine next steps. The idea is to maintain the quality and competitive prices for the PS Now brand in the places where the service is finally made available.

What do you think of the service? In direct conversion with today’s dollar exchange rate (5), R$ 5.45, PS Now would sell for approximately R$55 a month and R$328.55 a year to give access to the more than 800 games already available on your website. collection.

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