PBH authorizes 100% return of students to on-site classes and makes trade more flexible; see standards | Minas Gerais

Belo Horizonte Schools They will no longer need to obey a distance of 1 meter between students in the same room and will be able to receive 100% of the classes in person from October 18th.

The city will publish on Wednesday (6) an ordinance in the Official Gazette of the Municipality reviewing the protocol of operation of the institutions.

With the changes, classes will no longer be divided into “bubbles”. Each class will become a “bubble” and must maintain a distance from students in other classrooms.

In addition, from the 18th, there will be authorization for service every day of the week without the need for staggering, in municipal schools, such as EMEIs, who were still attending classes only four times a week.

“In this way, in addition to being authorized at all levels and stages, they will also be able to attend every day of the week in the classroom”, informed the city hall to the g1.

  • Permission to use air conditioning, with standardization of rules;
  • Permission to use the teachers’ room, respecting a distance of 1 meter between people;
  • Permission to carry out school events, respecting the rules established in protocols for similar events;
  • Removal of rules prohibiting contact sport activities and tooth brushing;
  • Release of playgrounds – currently restricted to children aged 3 to 8 years – for other ages;
  • Removal of the mandatory quarantine for books returned to the library;
  • Removal of the mandatory fixed time per class for use of the bathroom.

New protocols for trade and services

The city will also publish ordinances with new protocols for the operation of street stores, shopping malls and galleries, gyms, clubs and beauty salons, among other economic activities, which come into force this Wednesday (6). The changes will allow establishments to expand their audience capacity.

According to the municipality, advances are possible due to the stability in the epidemiological and assistance indicators of the pandemic. On Tuesday (5), the transmission rate of Covid-19 is 1.03, which means that every 100 people transmit the disease to another 103. The occupancy of Covid’s ICU beds is at 42.4% and from Covid ward, in 33.3%.

See the new general rules:

  • Standardization and increased capacity of people in establishments, unifying the limitation to one person per 4 m². Currently, a maximum of one person per 7 m² of total area is allowed inside retail stores.
  • Reduction of the minimum distance between people to 1 m², instead of the current 2 m², maintaining the use of a mask.
  • Removal of the mandatory use of face shield in several situations, keeping only for situations with greater risk of contamination. For other cases, only the use of a mask is kept.

See the rules by type of trade and service:

Commerce, malls, store galleries and popular malls

  • Joining all the rules for commerce in a single protocol, including shopping malls and store galleries;
  • Removal of the rules that prohibited the physical contact of customers with parts from stock and only one adult person per cart or shopping basket;
  • Removal of temperature measurement in these establishments;

Hairdressers and aesthetic clinics

  • Joining and simplifying the protocols of hairdressers and esthetics clinics, with permission to use the waiting room, as long as the distance rules are respected.

Gyms, fitness centers and leisure clubs

  • Removal of temperature measurement in gyms;
  • Removal of restrictions on practices of collective activities, maintaining only the mandatory use of masks;
  • Removal of the parameter of number of people per lane during training in pools, keeping only the rule of minimum distance of 2 m between people in the pool, since they will be without mask.
  • Occupancy of one person every 4 m² instead of the current 5 m².
  • Minimum distance between people to 1 m² instead of the current 2 m²

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