Player who assaulted referee in RS receives provisional release from Justice – Sports

PORTO ALEGRE – The judge Cristina Junqueira, from the District of Venâncio Aires, granted provisional release to Willian Cavaleiro Ribeiro, player of the São Paulo team, from Rio Grande, who attacked the referee Rodrigo Crivellaro during a match of the Rio Grande do Sul Access Division on Monday night, 4.

The match that was interrupted after the case of violence was concluded this Tuesday afternoon, 5, at Edmundo Feix Stadium. With the decision, the aggressor, who was in the State Penitentiary of Venâncio Aires (Peva), was released. Representative of the Public Ministry (MP) guaranteed that he will appeal the decision to the Court of Justice of Rio Grande do Sul (TJRS). Once the police investigation is completed, the Prosecutor’s Office must file a complaint against the aggressor.

At the custody hearing that defined the player’s release, the prosecutor, Pedro Rui da Fontoura Porto, asked for the arrest to be continued, understanding that the act was considered serious since, according to the authorities, there was an attempt at aggravated homicide for a futile reason .

Willian Ribeiro already has a criminal record, according to the press office of São Paulo, in Rio Grande. The athlete attacked a supporter of the club itself last September 6th. At first the player was removed and the direction of the club reinstated him to the squad. This time, after the aggression during the game, there was the definitive termination of the contract.

This Tuesday afternoon, referee Rodrigo Crivellaro testified to the police. Delegate Felipe Cano investigates the circumstances of the investigation, since the decision was taken on duty, first with the player’s arrest in flagrante delicto.

“We looked for more elements to substantiate the decision of the previous delegate, Vinícius Lourenço de Assunção; or even to take another decision at the end of the procedure”, declares Cano. The referee was referred to the Legal Medical Department to carry out medical examinations to point out the real extent of the injuries suffered during the confrontation by the Access Division of the Gaúcho Championship.

In his testimony, Crivellaro remembers little of the event, so much so that he lost consciousness after showing a yellow card and later being attacked. “He said that he never had contact with the athlete, so the fact occurred without previous disagreements. We need technical and medical foundations so that we can have an idea if we are facing an attempted murder or a crime of bodily harm”, observes the delegate. Witnesses were heard such as representatives of the Gaucho Football Federation and athletes present in the clash that ended with a victory in favor of the home team.

The 31 minutes of the stalled match on Monday night were played this Tuesday afternoon. Guarani kept the score of 1 x 0 and remained with chances of qualifying in the knockout phase of the Gaucho Access Division. The opponent also still has possibilities to advance.

Crivellaro: ‘It was a big scare’

The aggression during the Access Division of Rio Grande do Sul by Willian Cavalheiro Ribeiro, 30, player of São Paulo, from Rio Grande. The capital bid took place during the night of Monday, 4, at 14 minutes of the second half, at Estádio Edmundo Feix, in Venâncio Aires, three minutes after Guarani, the local team, scored 1 x 0. The game was valid for penultimate round of the initial phase of the second division Gaucho Championship.

After receiving a yellow card for complaint, Willian went to referee Rodrigo Crivellaro and punched the match authority. Upon falling, the athlete kicked the referee in the back of the head, while he was on the ground. The players from Guarani and São Paulo-RG urgently called the doctor and the ambulance. Willian was taken to the locker room and about 30 minutes later was taken by the police to the police station.

The doctor Sandro Hansel, responsible for the care, said that Crivellaro was unconscious for about a minute still on the lawn. Until the arrival of the stretcher, he was placed in the ambulance until he regained consciousness and was taken to Hospital São Sebastião Mártir. “On the field I called him by name and asked how he was. He didn’t remember what had happened, he even asked if he was in Bagé (a city that has another team called Guarany and that also participates in the competition,” said Hansel, doctor at Guarani de Venâncio Aires.

At the hospital, Crivellaro underwent a CT scan that found mild spinal cord injury. Hansel believes it will take the referee two to three weeks to remove the cervical vest used to immobilize the neck. During Tuesday, 5, he stayed in a hotel in the city, returning in the early evening to Santa Maria, where he resides. The game’s fourth referee, Tiago Rodrigues, had lunch with Crivellaro and, according to him, is recovering well. “He is walking normally and very aware.”

Wanted by the report, the attacked referee said he is not allowed to talk about the episode on the lawn so as not to interfere in the investigation of the case, but he spoke about his recovery. “It was a big scare. I thank everyone for my recovery”, he summarizes.