Player who kicked the referee’s head receives provisional release

Player William Ribeiro was released on bail after a custody hearing this afternoon. The information was confirmed by delegate Felipe Staub Cano for the UOL Sport. The athlete was detained last night after attacking the referee Rodrigo Crivellaro in the game of the A2 series of the Gaucho Championship.

“Since the judge, like us, did not represent for preventive detention, she understood that there are no reasons, at this time, for him to be arrested,” said Staub Cano. “He gives no signs and does not demonstrate, concrete facts, that he in freedom will hinder the investigation, there is no evidence, or signs, that he will commit crimes in the street. The provisional arrest would be if he interfered with the investigations in freedom, or that he would go after the victim, that’s not the case.”

According to Felipe, William was released with some conditions. The main one is the attendance at all acts of the process.

“He is set free under the conditions of appearing at all acts of the process, under penalty of decreeing an arrest if he does not appear. He does not put society at risk, the social commotion and the repercussions, this alone is not reason to order the arrest,” he concluded.

As determined by the UOL Sport, the player left the match at Edmundo Feix Stadium and was presented to the Civil Police, where he was booked in flagrante delicto for attempted murder. He spent the night in the penitentiary of Venâncio Aires, in Rio Grande do Sul.

This morning, hours before the game was resumed, SC São Paulo issued an official note regretting what had happened and announced the professional’s contractual termination: “The contract with the aggressor athlete is summarily terminated. Furthermore, all possible and legal measures in relation to the fact will be taken.”

Referee Rodrigo Crivellaro left the hospital, said he didn’t have many memories of the moment and commented on the player’s arrest: “This guy needs treatment, he’s totally out of control, he deserves to be arrested for a long time,” concluded Crivellaro to Rádio Imembuí, of Santa Maria.

understand the case

The match was interrupted in the second half, when Guarani-RS was winning 1-0, after William kicked Crivellaro in the head, who was on the ground. When they noticed that the referee had passed out, the players asked the medical team to enter the field to help the referee.

The judge received medical care and was taken by ambulance to the Hospital São Sebastião Mártir, in Venâncio Aires, in Rio Grande do Sul. Crivellaro was discharged this Tuesday morning after the exams showed no changes.

In contact with the UOL Sport, the Civil Police of Venâncio Aires said that William was arrested and will be fined for attempted aggravated homicide. The penalty, in case of conviction, is up to 20 years in prison.

“He is being booked in flagrante delicto for attempted aggravated homicide. He will be held in the local prison. No bail. He will be conducted and will be at the disposal of the Court,” said police chief Vinicius Lourenço de Assunção.

“I decided to report this guy in the act, for attempted murder, since, in my perception, he takes the risk of a lethal outcome. When you take the risk of killing someone, you kick someone in the head who was practically fainting. . For this reason, he will be fined under Article 121 – for a futile reason,” he declared.

According to the delegate, William was silent during the interrogation. “It is the defendant’s prerogative to remain silent during interrogation. That’s what he did. So he didn’t say anything.”