PlayStation: selling exclusives on PCs would be strategic

The sale of PlayStation exclusives on computers has a strategic motivation: to attract and convert more customers to the console. The information was released by the former President of Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Speaking during the What’s Up PlayStation podcast, Shawn Layden revealed that some of the actions taken by Sony’s games division are the result of work done while still serving as the head of the company.

Layden says the decision to bring PlayStation exclusives to PCs began to take shape while he was still president of the company. According to him, the idea was to offer his exclusive games to computer players, showing what these potential customers could find on his platform. That way, they could encourage them to purchase a console to enjoy other PS4 and PS5 games.

The former head of SIE also revealed that his team saw no downside to offering the exclusive titles on PC. In fact, according to Layden, the brand’s games ported to the computer had already reached sales saturation on the PlayStation.

In other words, marketing them on another platform was beneficial not only to introduce their titles to a new audience, which could potentially convert into new customers, but it would also help to further increase revenue from the sale of those games.

Shawn Layden assumed the presidency of SIE in 2016, stepping down in 2019. During his presidency, the company released some of the top rated PlayStation 4 games as Horizon Zero Dawn and God of War.