Posto do ES has a lower value of ethanol in Brazil, but the price at the pumps reaches R$ 5.69

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The lowest price of hydrated ethanol recorded in the week between September 26 and October 2 in Brazil was at a gas station in the municipality of Serra, in Espírito Santo. At the site, the fuel was sold at the value of R$ 3.899 per liter.

The research is carried out by the National Agency for Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP). In Espírito Santo, 54 service stations are monitored in six of the largest cities in Espírito Santo. The highest value of the fuel was registered in Vitória, Serra and Aracruz, sold to the consumer for R$ 5,690.

Photo: ANP

Average price rose across the country

In posts surveyed by the ANP across the country, the average price of ethanol rose 0.45% in the week compared to the previous one, from R$ 4.715 to R$ 4.736 per liter.

The lowest average state price, R$ 4,511, was registered in Mato Grosso. The maximum price, of R$ 7,199 per liter, was verified at a service station in Rio Grande do Sul. The highest average price in the state was also the one in Rio Grande do Sul, of R$ 6,157.

Average prices for hydrated ethanol rose in 15 states and the Federal District in the week between September 26 and October 2, according to an ANP survey compiled by AE-Taxas. In another ten states, prices retreated. There was no survey in Roraima.

In São Paulo, the main producer and consumer state, with more evaluated posts, the average price of hydrated was R$ 4,538 per liter, up 0.49% compared to the previous week.

In the monthly comparison, the average price of biofuel in the country rose 3.81%. The state with the highest increase in the period was Rondônia, where the liter rose 5.30% in the month. In the weekly calculation, the biggest price increase was observed in Rio de Janeiro, with an advance of 1.70%, to R$ 5.618 per liter.

Gasoline was more competitive than ethanol in all states and the Federal District last week. The criteria consider that ethanol from sugarcane or corn, as it has a lower calorific value, has a cap price of 70% for the petroleum product at gas stations to be considered advantageous. In the average of the surveyed posts in the country, ethanol has a parity of 77.74% compared to gasoline.