Praised by Bolzan, Churín is one of three new additions to the Grêmio related list: “It will be more available”

After a long time without playing, the center forward Diego Churín can be seen on the field this Wednesday, at the Arena, from 21:30, against Cuiabá. He’s on the match-related list and is one of three new additions, as are the returns of Jhonata Robert and Victor Bobsin.

Churín, earlier, was praised by President Romildo Bolzan Jr during an interview with Rádio Guaíba. The agent understands that Borja’s injury will make more room for the Argentine:

“The Churín was trampled, but it has an advanced recovery process. With Borja’s injury, he will be more available along with Diego Souza. I believe that we will have a situation with him in the next games”, summed up the tricolor leader.

Check out Grêmio’s list of related to get to Ceará:

Churín’s last match was in a 3-0 victory over Santa Cruz, at Arena, by Recopa Gaúcha, in early June. At the time, Tiago Nunes’ technical committee used several reserves and young players.

The Argentine was acquired from Cerro Porteño-PAR and cost 1.5 million dollars (about R$ 7.4 million in the current conversion) in the second half of 2020. The contract runs until the end of 2022 and is renewable for more one year.

See the Grêmio x Cuiabá service:


Gabriel Chapecó; Vanderson, Ruan, Rodrigues and Rafinha; Thiago Santos and Lucas Silva; Douglas Costa, Alisson (Campaz) and Ferreira; Diego Souza.


Walter; João Lucas, Paulão, Alan Empereur and Uendel; Auremir, Pepê and Camilo (Rafael Gava); Clayson, Jonathan Cafú and Jenison (Elton).


Wednesday (6), at 9:30 pm, at the Arena, in Porto Alegre.


RBS TV and Premiere channel announce live broadcast.


Wilton Pereira Sampaio assisted by Fabricio Vilarinho da Silva and Bruno Raphael Pires (goian trio). VAR: Carlos Eduardo Nunes Braga (RJ).

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