Rico, Erika, Tiago and Day take the worst

The week at Fazenda 2021 went on and, on Tuesday (5), another elimination began to be drawn in the competition for R$ 1.5 million by Record TV. After the voting among the participants, four pawns occupied the benches in the hot seat and one of them will be eliminated. See who is on the farm at Fazenda 2021 and how the vote went this week.

Who is in the Farm 2021 farm?

After the live program this Tuesday (5), the names that are at risk of elimination this week are: Rico, Erika, Tiago and Day. he voted for Rico and condemned the pawn to occupy the first stool in the hot seat. As a justification for his decision, Anitta’s former said that the vote was due to problems of coexistence and highlighted that the punishment on purpose was a burden for the former MTV to become its target.

Who voted for whom this week?

Having defined the first roceiro, Adriane Galisteu conducted the open voting among all participants and Erika was the most voted name. The participant received 7 votes and is also in this week’s decision. See who voted for whom in the definition of who is on the farm at 2021 Farm:

Lary Bottino voted for Erika
Aline Mineiro voted for Dynho
arcrebian voted for MC GUI
Dayane Mello voted for arcrebian
Dynho voted for Erika
Erasmo Viana voted for Erika
Erika Schneider voted for MC GUI
Marina Ferrari voted for Solange
MC Gui voted for Erika
Rich Melquiades voted for MC GUI
Solange Gomes voted me Erika
Tati Quebra Barraco voted for Erika
Tiago Piquilo voted for Erika
Valentina Francavilla voted for arcrebian
Victor Pecoraro voted for MC GUI
Mileide Mihaile voted for Solange
Sthe Matos voted for erasmus

As in previous weeks, the most voted pawn needs to choose one of the names in the stall to ‘pull’ it to the farm, and this time, Tiago was chosen.

This time, however, the traditional “remote one” dynamic did not happen and the fourth pawn that is in the field was decided by only one of the confined.

Power of Red Flame changes the game

This week, the lantern with the powers of the red and yellow flames came under the command of Mileide Mihaile. The ex-wife of Wesley Safadão won the Trial of Fire, broadcast last Monday, and, in this formation in the countryside, she had to choose one of the powers of the week for herself and present one of the competitors with the other.

Mileide decided to keep the power of the yellow flame, which gave the peoa immunity in the formation of this garden.

The power of the red flame was handed over to Arcrebiano, who gave the worker the responsibility of choosing the fourth roceiro of the week, replacing all the dynamics of the remaining one. After thinking for a while, Dayane was the chosen name and completes this week’s field.

Before opening the vote to define who will be eliminated among the participants who are on the farm, the condemned of the week will still dispute the Farmer’s Test, which takes place this Wednesday (6) and defines who escapes elimination and gains power of the week. As is the rule of reality, only three of the roceiros compete in the race. Tiago was vetoed from the race by Dayane and is right on the farm.

After the Farmer’s Test, voting will be opened and the public must vote for who should remain on the program. The result of the voting that will define the third eliminated from Fazenda 2021 will be revealed, live, on Thursday (7), at 22:45 (GMT).