Rico, Erika, Tiago or Dayane, who goes out?

The fight for R$ 1.5 million on the reality of Record TV is about to lose another participant. The third crop of the edition was formed on the live program on Tuesday (5) and Rico, Erika, Tiago and Dayane face each other for permanence in the reality show. Who do you think should leave? Vote in the DCI 2021 Farm poll and give your opinion.

The Farm 2021 Poll: Who Should Be Knocked Out This Week?


How was the garden formed?

The formation of this week’s swidden is the result of Gui Araújo’s second reign at Fazenda 2021. In this Tuesday (5)’s program, the workers met to decide which would be the condemned of the week and the voting unfolded like this: Gui Araújo voted in Rico and the pawn occupied the first official stool in the farm.

Afterwards, all inmates justified and voted on one of their options for the week. With 4 votes, Erika was the most rejected in the house and occupies the second position in the field. In this position, she had to pull one of the bay’s residents to the garden and chose Tiago to take the third spot in the hot seat.

This week, unlike the previous dynamics, the pedestrians did not have the ‘one left’ and Mileide Mihaile, who won the last Fire Test, had to indicate one of the competitors straight to the farm. Thus, this week, Mileide ended up having the same power as the farmer: nominate any participant for the field.

Farmer’s Tasting takes place among farmers

As fans of the reality show are already aware, the farmer is chosen weekly among the participants who are in the fields. Before the official Fazenda 2021 elimination poll, three of the four roceiros will participate in a hat test with the power that, in addition to guaranteeing immunity for the following week, also takes its owner out of the spotlight.

The Farmer’s Taste will be played by Dayane, Erika and Rico. During the formation of the farm, Tiago was vetoed by Dayane and has no chance of escaping the hot seat.

The decision takes place, live, this Wednesday (6), at 10:45 pm (Brasilia time), on Record TV.