“Round 6” Star Becomes Instagram’s Most Followed Actress

Photo: Instagram/Jung Ho-yeon / Modern Popcorn

Thanks to the worldwide popularity of “Round 6”, young Jung Ho-yeon, who plays the 067 player on the series, has become the most followed South Korean actress on Instagram.

After the attraction’s debut on Netflix on Sept. 17, the artist saw her following number jump from 400,000 to more than 14 million. “At first I was kind of surprised as I was checking in real time. When I opened the app once, the number went up, when I opened it again it went up even more,” she told Herald Pop in an interview.

“I thought the love for ‘Round 6’ was being reflected in numbers, as if it were fate, and I was grateful. The fact that so many people around the world are showing interest in the series makes me very happy.” actress.

Player 067, Kang Sae-byeok, is one of the main characters in the series and the biggest role in the career of Jung Ho-yeon, who until “Round 6” was best known as a model. She caught the eye at age 19 in the 2013 “Korea’s Next Top Model” competition, and has since appeared in numerous campaigns, runway shows and fashion editorials, including American and British Vogue magazines. Her previous work as an actress consisted of five short films and four K-Pop music videos.

Created by filmmaker Hwang Dong-hyuk (“The Fortress”), the series brings together 456 competitors in six games, which end with the eliminated dead and the winners advancing to the final contest, worth billionaire won, the South Korean currency .