Rueda, Mazzuco and Jorge Andrade take a “sabbatical” at the Council of Santos

President Andres Rueda, executive André Mazzuco and manager Jorge Andrade went through a “quiet session” at the Deliberative Council of Santos.

A group of advisers asked to ask questions with the football department. And the extraordinary virtual meeting was scheduled for this Tuesday night. The press was not released.

The “interview” was conducted by 30 counselors. They asked questions and offered praise or criticism. And they were answered one by one. This process took nearly three hours.

Among the subjects, the president informed the entry of about R$ 30 million through tokens: fan token or tokenization of the solidarity mechanism.

“Value has to come in this month, but it’s not the total, right?. It’s the first installment of contracts signed. We will have future revenues for the coming years,” said Rueda.

See other subjects below:

Where are the captains?

A counselor criticized the interviews of young people like Gabriel Pirani and Danilo Boza after recent stumbling blocks by Santos in the Brazilian Championship and demanded the participation of the leaders.

Rueda said that there is a relay and everyone is encouraged to speak, but he agreed that at this time the more experienced ones need to show up.

bad results at the base

The president and the football department were criticized about the management of the base. Rueda argued that the highlights go up quickly to the professional and recalled that Santos has not gone far in competitions for years, but continues revealing.

“Even with all that, results are bad and you can’t deny it.”

transmission right

President Andres Rueda spoke about negotiating with televisions after Turner decided not to broadcast the Brazilian Championship anymore. The idea is not to negotiate collectively.

“There is a movement to negotiate in groups, from these clubs that had an agreement, but there is a lot of money involved. I prefer to negotiate individually and we want a quick definition. If we leave it to the last minute, we will have a smaller share”, said Rueda.

Planning for 2022

“Some athletes are not in the plans, but we have a contract. Some of them are long. After this moment of financial readjustment of the management, we have more time to readjust, improve the squad and go further in competitions. We have to fight again at the top” , said Mazzuco.

And the reinforcements?

There was a demand from part of the Deliberative Council about the lack of reinforcements in the last days of enrollment in the Brazilian Championship.

Some charged that there are options in Series B and it would be possible to reinforce the cast at a low cost. Rueda argued:

“We can’t pay 1 million euros for reinforcements, so we have to be assertive. It would be great to bring a strong player who solves it, but it doesn’t work. So we have to be creative. We research, seek information from everywhere and it can work. or not. That’s football.”

“We understand that we should bring a player to solve it. As we didn’t have the conditions and didn’t find this market opportunity, we talked and decided to continue with the same squad. This was all discussed with the coaching staff and the football department.”

Santos brought 10 reinforcements during the year: goalkeeper Jandrei, defenders Emiliano Velázquez and Danilo Boza, left-back Moraes, midfielders Camacho, Vinicius Zanocelo and Augusto and forwards Diego Tardelli, Léo Baptistão and Marcos Guilherme.

“Clubs are concerned about the coach who arrives, puts a trusted player in and leaves. Coach indicates, but we veto if we don’t understand them as acceptable for the moment. We veto some indications from Fernando Diniz, for example. All who came arrived with good recommendations and approval department,” said Mazzuco.

Casting Billing

Executive André Mazzuco said that no one is comfortable with this situation. And that the salary on time is an argument when charging athletes.

“Everyone is aware of the moment. Collections are being made. President makes every possible effort to pay his salary on time. And we use that in our tone of demand. We understand that the cast has a complete condition to get out of this situation”.


President Andres Rueda justified the single price of R$40 for the reunion with Santos fans in the match against Grêmio on Sunday, in Vila Belmiro, for the 25th round of the Brazilian Championship.

“It’s a difficult time and we need the unity of the fans. We need everyone together,” said Rueda.

“Is the situation in football good? No. We have to unite the fans and get out of this situation with work. There is no justification or excuse to give. We hired what we gave after the transfer ban. It’s no use crying over spilled milk. We have to get out of it. I believe in this group,” he concluded.

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