Seagate to release 512GB and 1TB SSD expansion

Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X gamers will soon be able to expand their consoles’ memory. According to the Windows Central website, several stores in the United States and France have already received the new units from the expansion of SSD in 512GB and 1TB from Seagate before the official announcement.

Xbox Series S and X SSD Seagate - Release/Windows Central - Release/Windows Central
Image: Disclosure/Windows Central

Remember that the Xbox Series S ships from the factory with a 512 GB SSD and the Xbox Series X with 1 TB. However, this amount may be little for next-gen games. Therefore, expandable storage will be supported through a port on the back of both consoles.

With the expansion, gamers will be able to take advantage of high transfer rates: decrease loading time, in addition to doubling storage and making the device even more compatible with technologies exclusive to the Xbox Series.

Beauty, and the price in Brazil?

Xbox Series S and X SSD Seagate - Release/Microsoft Central - Release/Microsoft Central
Image: Disclosure/Microsoft Central

We got to the part where your pocket might hurt, a little bit. According to the French store that announced in advance, prices for Seagate’s 512GB SSD expansion are estimated at $155, with the 1TB expansion at $220.

The store even revealed that the launch of the new SSD takes place on November 14th. In Brazil, the product with the largest storage may reach the house of up to R$ 3 thousand. Remember that, if the price is not inviting, it is still possible to store your games on an external HDD and transfer them to the SSD just in time to play.

Xbox Series S

Price: R$2,649 on Amazon*

Xbox Series X

Price: BRL 6,299 on Amazon*

* Prices were checked on 10/05/2021 to update this article. They may vary over time.

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